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I hope you are enjoying the resources available here at Purposeful Pathway!

If you are passionate about paving your own purposeful pathway, I offer an opportunity to you. I help heart-centered entrepreneurs set up their businesses, attract ideal clients, package services and systematize efforts so they can enjoy fun, fruitful and profitable businesses. I am offering free the 25-minute “Boost my Business!” session (valued at $97) for a limited period of time.

july2011002Ann Musico, Holistic Health Coach, Founder of 3D Vitality Health Coaching shares:

“If you are an entrepreneur and you are stuck, wondering what your next step should be, I encourage you to take advantage of Caroline Gavin’s FREE one-on-one “Take me to Transformation” assessment – a $97 value. She is offering it free for a limited time. Perhaps like me you need fresh eyes to provide an awareness of why you are stuck and to offer specific, concrete, actionable steps you can take to get yourself unstuck. That’s exactly what her insightful 25 minute session and Next Step Action plan provided for me. I have a renewed enthusiasm and sense of purpose in exactly how to move my business forward. It’s worth the $97 and more, so I suggest you jump at the opportunity to avail yourself of this great resource while Caroline is offering it as her gift to you. You will be so very glad you did!”


In this powerful session you will discover:

  • An awareness of what is causing challenges in your business currently
  • A renewed energy to address these challenges
  • A written “next-step” action plan to overcome these challenges

Simply email me (caroline@purposefulpathway.com) to schedule your Free Christian Business Coaching Consultation!

Caroline Gavin Purposeful Pathway Life Coaching

Caroline Gavin
Heart-Centered Business Coach


I look forward to working with you in your transformative journey!

May God bless you on your purposeful pathway!