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The Balkans by Evgeni Dinev

I am blessed to know other Christian professionals who are devoted to sharing their God-given gifts.

I am grateful to share these phenomenal individuals with you!

Gabbin’ with Gail Foley…Grows Your Business

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Gail Foley is a speaker, certified personal development trainer, author and an upcoming podcast host. As President of With Enthusiasm Productions and author of “Stop The Ride! Taming The Emotional Roller Coaster” published in the book: ‘A Journey Within: Self- Discovery for Women’ she loves sharing her own personal journey to success…and is dedicated to sharing how powerful it is to focus on your client, not your sales, and come out a winner in both your professional life and your personal life.

Her newest chapter she is focusing on today is the launch of her newest project called “Gabbin’ With Gail…grows YOUR business” The Gail Foley Show an iTunes podcast production. Gail will interview people to help them acquire a bigger audience for their products or services. She will be inviting people on their way up the ladder that needs a boost of connections to grow their business faster.

She has received numerous top sales volume awards while selling time share in Virginia. However, her favorite award is for the “Best Attitude” from the Powhatan Plantation Resort in Williamsburg, VA, another chapter all by itself. Her personal mission is to encourage, enlighten and enthuse as she passes on a smile……. an epidemic Gail Foley insists on spreading!! The greatest way to connect!


Biblical Health Coach

 Ann Musico is a certified Biblical Health Coach and independent nutritional consultant. Her clients call her the “3D Coach” because she incorporates her “3D Living Plan” principles into everything she does. As the founder of Three Dimensional Vitality her mission is to encourage, educate and empower people to live vibrant lives of wholeness by communicating God’s principles of nutrition, communicating and providing accurate information and viable options for achieving a 3D life. She is also a freelance writer and author of Today’s the Day Seven Week Fitness Plan.

If you need encouragement, information you can trust or accountability, it is Ann’s privilege and pleasure to offer a variety of evaluations and coaching plans that are effective and affordable.  Subscribe to her free weekly newsletter and ask for her free e-book Eight Steps for Making Lasting Changes. Connect with Ann on her two Facebook pages: Three Dimensional Vitality and Today’s the Day and ask for the free gifts or on Twitter.


Spiritual Inspiration and Ministries

Lyon’s Lady Reviews and Resources: http://lyonslady.blogspot.com/p/home.html

Twinas Latinas: http://twinaslatinas1.blogspot.com/

Bernie Lutchman “The Write Stuff”: http://bernielutchman.blogspot.com/

Trust Shelter, based in Pakistan, has been working for Lord Jesus Christ for last twelve years on arranging free summer Bible Camps, seminars and conferences for spiritual development. The Trust Shelter needs your kind consideration to bless new generations spiritually, morally, and ethically to be confident in faith in order to stand for the Lord’s second coming. http://shelterorgpak.weebly.com/

Natural Hair Products:


Heavenly Essence, Inc. Creators of Pure’ity Hypo-allergenic Hair Care Products was founded in 2005 by Darlene Alexander, a credentialed and seasoned cosmetologist with 26 years of experience, her husband Michael and her son Sheldon, who serves as CEO of the company. Ms. Alexander’s history of chronic fatigue syndrome due to years of exposure to mold, methane gas and other chemicals led her and her family to develop a solution to her problem. With Ms. Alexander’s desire to help others with similar problems and experiencing first hand her own problem with thinning hair, the Alexander family embarked on providing quality hair pieces from the top designers in the industry.

Enjoy Darlene’s “Beautiful, Healthy Hair in 7 Weeks or Less! FREE Guide!”

Whether you’re struggling with common hair problems or need some guidance on how to promote and maintain healthy hair, look no further than Heavenly Essence’s FREE Hair Care Guide. Learn how you can have BEAUTIFUL, HEALTHY HAIR in 7 weeks or less, and finally look plus feel your best! Here are a few topics you’ll learn from the hair guide:

· Vitamins and nutrients that benefit your hair

· Basic hair care tips on promoting healthy, beautiful hair

· Ways to maintaining healthy hair

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