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The Danger Zone on Purposeful Pathway Radio


The Danger Zone

on Purposeful Pathway Radio!

Purposeful Pathway Radio is a haven in which we share God’s message of peace, love and joy. The guests on Purposeful Pathway Radio share about their own journeys; my prayer is that you will gain not only insight but also inspiration by listening.

Purposeful Pathway Radio

Purposeful Pathway Radio

I am excited and honored that today, December 5th, Bernie Lutchman will join the show. Bernie is a licensed minister and evangelist who ministers with his wife and children to senior homes, assisted living homes, homes for the blind and churches. Bernie is also the Vice President of Business Men in Christ, a volunteer men’s discipleship and charitable organization. His TV program “PLUMBLINE” runs three times each Friday on Comcast and also WLCF TV (an affiliate of Christian Television Network). He is also the Author of Danger Zone and a passionate blogger. Bernie shares inspiration and his journey today on the show!

Join us in the journey at 1:00 p.m. EST via Purposeful Pathway Radio or by calling into the live show: 347.677.0662.

If you cannot join live, you can enjoy the archive:

Purposeful Pathway Radio

May God bless you always on your Purposeful Pathway!


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