Poetic Inspirations and Practical Applications for Blissful Living


Time Change

Forward and backward
The clocks do go
In turn the sunlight seems
To ebb or grow

Time is so precious
To all it seems
Each moment, each second
With opportunity teems

Use it wisely, yes,
And use it very well
Of a good day spent
Each does wish to tell

Marvel how our God
Is limited not by time
Marvel how He surpasses this
A thought truly sublime

Humbling that the Infinite One
Sets His affection upon me
Who can explain this?
Address this adequately?

There is no explanation
But love, yes, love true
Love infinite and endless
Timeless through and through

We can chase the minutes
And count the days
But forget not our Lord
Amidst the clock-wary craze

Our world so limited
By time and space confined
Cannot in the least
Compare to the endless divine

Praise to the Eternal One
The King, the Master of all
Praise to Him who loves
Me, a finite being so small

© COPYRIGHT 2011 Caroline Gavin

God is in control over time and seasons; how do you celebrate the God who changes not when there is a time change?

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Each drop, each drop

A creation of God

So many, so many

Together they applaud


To think, to think

That He knows each drop

Each petal of rain

He sees from atop


And so are His thoughts

So many, so vast

So are His thoughts

Present, future, past


Eternal is He

And all-knowing too

Knowing all about me

And every detail of you


Omniscient, omnipotent

Incredible indeed

Try to imagine

But I can’t, and I plead


That my thoughts be closer

To Yours in every way

That my words be closer

To Yours in all I say


He knows me so well

And the raindrops too

Dripping and dropping

They sing for Him true


Let us like the multitude

Of raindrops sing

Let us like the raindrops

Proclaim our King

© COPYRIGHT 2011 Caroline Gavin

How do you see Nature celebrating God’s glory? What do you hear in the raindrops?

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Begin where you are…

Begin Where You Are…

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Looking at Jesus

All He is, All He does

I strive to imitate

His grace, His mercy, His love


So far from His perfection

So far from it I stand

So how can I move forward?

And approach the Holy Land?


The Lord reaches my hand

And gently reminds me

“Begin where you are…

From right here, you see”


He knows we are weak

Only dust after all

He knows our frailty

That we are subject to fall


Yet encourage us He does

To walk in His ways

To disentangle us all

From the world’s miry maze


“Move forward,” He says

“And stay by My side

Start from where you are

And in My Love abide”


He is the Compass, the Map

And the Eternal Guide

Each of us must choose

To beside Him daily stride


Praise to my Father

The God who rules the earth

Praise to Him who loved me

Well before my birth


Lead us He will

And meet us where we are

He is the Light to our paths

Our shining Morning Star


Let us take the first step

And many, many more

And walk with our Lord

To heavenly treasures in store

© COPYRIGHT 2011 Caroline Gavin

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Rising early
Soft cool air
Peace and stillness
I feel You here

As others do sleep
Now in the morn
I bask in You alone
As a day is born

Gradually the skies
Grow lighter, then bright
Beautiful entrance of dawn
After darkness of night

Such is the pattern
Of life here on earth
One must experience death
Before tasting birth

We die to ourselves
Each moment, each hour
In so we have full life
Abounding in God’s power

A single grain must die
For a multitude to live
Jesus did so for us
His life He did give

In turn we give too
And we gladly sacrifice
For eternal peace and joy
These are a small price

Just as the dark
Gives way to the day
Let us die to ourselves
To live the fullest way

The paradox beautiful
Both simple and true
God gives life through death
To me and to you

Rising early reminds me
Of God and His plan
His loving sacrifice and
Eternal life for man

© COPYRIGHT 2011 Caroline Gavin

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Spirit in the Spring


Blissfully the breeze
Dances through my hair
The smell of flowers
Fills the warm air

Leaves do sway
And sunshine streams
A spring day unfolds
As in radiant dreams

Such a gift from God
To see this Spring day
To experience the beauty
Of the world at play

The winter can be
Bitter and cold
Enthusiasm dwindles
Visions grow old

But then a taste
Of Spring appears
To renew our hopes
And allay our fears

Sweeter Spring is
Because winter came first
Water is sweeter
When in parched thirst

So too is salvation
When this we embrace
Sweet and triumphant
After all we did face

The contrast of Spring
With Winter before
Enhances its beauty
Yes, all the more

Spiritual birth glories
Beyond radiant Spring
Communing with God
Of this we do sing

As the breezes caress
And the sunlight warms
We celebrate God’s gifts
In all their forms

Most beautiful of all
Is the gift of His Son
The gift of true Life
For us He has won

Sing now the bird
And dance now the flower
I join God’s creation
Praising His power

So blessed am I
And you, sister and brother
Let’s praise our God
And uplift one another

Let Spring remind us
Of God’s Light and Love
Fixing our eyes on Him
And on His throne Above

© COPYRIGHT 2011 Caroline Gavin

How do you savor the sweet season of Spring?

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The Eyes are the Lamp

Eyes are the Lamp of the Soul

The eyes are the lamp
The window to the soul
So much the eyes speak
Indeed volumes are told

There is the eye
That shines simple and true
Yes, there is the eye
That sees what few others do

There is the eye
Fixed on God’s love
Focused not on things earthly
But rather on things Above

Radiant it shines
Hope, love and joy there meet
With knowledge eternal
And with innocence sweet

These eyes see what matters
And discern falsehood from truth
These eyes know God’s power
And need no other proof

For these eyes see God
In every moment, every day
They see His Light
As they follow His Way

Happy are those eyes
Who have seen God’s Face
These eyes tell a story
Of Love, of Mercy, of Grace

May my eyes shine
And reflect Your Love pure
May Your Light gleam from them
And eternally endure

© COPYRIGHT 2011 Caroline Gavin

The eyes are the lamp of the soul; share more about the light you see in your eyes and in the eyes of others here:

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 Life Treasure

To discover the purpose
Unique to me
Is to discover treasure
I did not see

This purpose was here
Before my birth
God foreknew it
Before creating earth

Humbling that we
Carry a purpose each
Some to build
And some to teach

Others do write
And some do sing
Value to God’s Kingdom
We are meant to bring

When asking my Lord
What it is I should do
He said, “Use your talents
Building my Kingdom True”

Melt away at once
The distractions did
And I saw that calling
Which in my heart He hid

The how and the where
I need not know
Take a step forward
The next step He will show

Call unto the Lord
And discover purpose deep
Therein are energized days
And sweet restful sleep

Seek first His Kingdom
All your needs He provides
He comforts, He inspires
He instructs, He guides

So content I feel now
So joyful, so free
Striving to be all
God created me to be

© COPYRIGHT 2011 Caroline Gavin

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How to Discern Your Calling…

How to Discern Your Calling: Hear God's Voice

Discern Your Calling

How to Discern Your Calling: Hear God's Voice

Image courtesy www.freedigitalphotos.net
Reflections in the Lake by Tom Curtis


What could be more inspiring than to live on purpose for God? To live for God is to live abundantly. When we fully surrender to God, He uses us for our best and highest purposes. But how do you discern your calling?

Jesus promised that Our Father will meet our every need if we seek first His kingdom and His righteousness. What an amazing promise! So how then do we seek God’s kingdom? In short, we seek God’s kingdom when we know, love and serve God. This involves trusting and obeying Him. “If you love me, you will obey what I command.” (John 14:15) If we remain in God, He will remain in us. His Spirit will lead us, and we will see things more and more from His perspective…including our own role and purpose.

Although each of us is called to love and serve God, we have different ways of fulfilling this. “Just as each of us has one body with many members, and these members do not all have the same function, so in Christ we who are many form one body, and each member belongs to all the others.” (Romans 12:4-5) It is clear that the members of the body of Christ have different functions as do the different parts of the human body. How then can we discern God’s calling to us? It helps to ask questions and to give deep thought and prayer to the answers. Some questions may be: Will this bring me closer to God? Is this calling in alignment with His Purposes and His Laws? Would my role serve to build God’s Kingdom in some aspect? Is it reasonable in my situation? Does the calling utilize my talents and experiences? Is it something for which I have passion? Is it God’s glory I seek – or my own? Often we find that the trials we have overcome through God’s grace have helped to equip us for His service.

Although we may be anxious to work out every detail once we hear and discern our calling, we must trust God in the entire process. Yes, we must plan. Yes, we must take steps of action. Yes, we must be persistent. But, if God suddenly leads us in a different direction or stops the motion altogether, we must trust Him completely. We must love Him far more than the dream. We commit all – including our calling and our visions – to Him. “Commit to the LORD whatever you do, and your plans will succeed” (Proverbs 16:3)

Certainly Jesus is the utmost example of living on purpose. He lived every moment aligned with and faithfully fulfilling His Father’s work for Him. He knew when to walk, when to sleep, when to pray alone, when to teach, when to heal, when to rebuke, when to eat, when to fast, when to live and when to lay down His life. Every moment of His life on earth was lived on and with purpose. The more we resemble Christ and grow close to Him, the more clearly we see our own unique purposes.

A beautiful shift occurs when we are in tune with our purpose, as distractions no longer cause worry and anxiety. We see them simply for what they are: those things which try to take our eyes off the Kingdom. With a God-centered mindset, priorities and purpose are clear. In turn, commitments are easy to make or to refuse. To focus on the most important aspect of life is to discover peace and joy. God’s yoke is indeed easy and His burden light. (Matt 11:30)

If you long to know and fulfill your divine calling, I encourage you to look at your talents and at the things you truly love to do. Then PRAY. Pray fervently. Pray frequently. Listen patiently for His answers. Allow God to speak to you through daily devotions and meditations, sermons and conversations with those committed to Christ.

You have a special and unique purpose which God ordained before creating the earth. Truly we become more ourselves when we are more His. Surrender to God sublimely expresses the beauty of individuality. My prayer is that you will find your purpose and discover the incredible joy in being all God created you to be!

© COPYRIGHT 2011 Caroline Gavin

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