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Beauty of Fall

The Beauty of Fall 

The Beauty of Fall: Christian Poem

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There is a time for everything,
and a season for every activity under the heavens…”

Ecclesiastes 3:1


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Crisp air embraces,

Colors burst from the trees,

The smell of apple cyder

Lingers in the breeze.


Autumn shows her beauty,

God’s glory she displays;

Her spectacular colors

Reveal the Lord’s ways.


For who could create this,

But our God, our King?

It is for Him

This Autumn song I sing.


The music of Autumn

Beats in my heart;

My Lord, my God,

How great Thou art!


From the leaves dancing,

To the colors bright,

To the harvest of fields,

To the birds in flight –


All of these

Sing joyfully of You;

In the ways of Autumn,

I marvel all You do.


May this be my song

In Autumn and all seasons;

Glory I give to You,

So many are the reasons.


You are the Source of life,

Indeed You are Everything;

In my heart of hearts

I crown You my King.


As the Autumn leaves

Fall to the ground,

So too I yield to You,

Surrender is sweet sound.


As the seasons

Faithfully follow Your way,

So too I follow

The precious Words You say.


It is for You, my Jesus,

This Autumn song I sing;

The beauty of Fall

Each year You bring.


Autumn shines with beauty,

Your glory she displays;

The beauty of Fall

Reveals Your ways.


Yea, I feel You in Fall winds,

I hear You in the breeze,

As the crisp air embraces,

As colors burst from the trees.


© COPYRIGHT 2012 Caroline Gavin

In what ways to do you see God in His glorious creation?

In what ways do you celebrate the Beauty of Fall?

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