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Hope: Eternal and All-Encompassing in Scope

Hope Eternal

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Great is our hope, dear Christian

A hope which endures beyond time

Hope through the resurrection of Christ

Hope sacred, spiritual and sublime


Yes, our loving Father gives to us

A wondrous birth in living hope

It transcends our understanding

Eternal and all-encompassing in scope


Let us wear this hope as our helmet

A sure and steadfast anchor of the soul

Yes, through the joy and peace of believing

Hope abounds in us to make us whole


So my heart sings praises to our Savior

For His hope does carry me above trial

Yes, rain and shadows may encompass me

But His hope keeps me joyful all the while


Things external cannot overcome me

No, my eyes are fixed on hope of eternity

For hope that is seen is not hope at all

I instead wait for what I do not see


Christian, then, do not grow discouraged

Do not quench the Spirit living in you

Fix your eyes instead on God’s Promises

Set your heart upon the eternal and true


Then surely hope will well in your soul

Surely it will burst forth as a fountain

It will embrace, uplift and encourage you

Both in deep valley and on towering mountain


So join me, dear Christian, in praising God

May hope keep our eyes fixed on Heaven above

For nothing is more beautiful or more sweet

Than to experience Christ and His eternal love


Rejoice we do in the hope Jesus has given us

It is a hope which endures beyond time

Hope through the resurrection of our sweet Savior

A hope sacred, spiritual and sublime


© 2012 Caroline Gavin

How have you been transformed by God’s gift of hope eternal?

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Knowing God


Knowing God


My heart rejoices in You, O God
My soul lifts You in constant prayer
How blessed I am to be Your daughter
To feel Your Presence is always near
So sweet to know You, Eternal One
 So lovely to feel You next to me
So beautiful to hold Your Hand each day
So wondrous that Your Way I see
Lifted to new heights I am each day
For I know You, the Creator of us all
I see the world so clearly now
For You raise me to mountains tall
Yes, You opened my eyes to truly see
How blind I was before I met You
You share with me eternal wisdom
You confide in me all that is True
Those who seek You earnestly, Lord
You indeed they will joyously find
Those who set their hearts upon You
Experience transformation of the mind
Suddenly these see more than the seen
They find a world unseen yet real
Clearly they discover that life is eternal
Strongly Your love they do feel
Blessed are those who know You
Overjoyed I am to be of them one
A dear daughter of Yours, Almighty
Purchased by the blood of Your Son
My Father, my Daddy, is Jehovah
How can my joy I ever contain?
Your Name I raise continually in song
Your love is the beautiful refrain
Abba, Abba, my Father, loves me so
Indeed He sent His Son to die for me
Behold the love of my God on the Cross
More than my eyes can bear to see
Faith I have in the Sacrifice of the Lamb
Confident that His blood makes me clean
Pure and holy I am in my Father’s eyes
Justified by faith I have in the unseen
Bursting with joy and thanksgiving
I find myself now each day and night
Thank You, Father, that I am to You
Precious and priceless in Your sight
Rejoice, dear brother and sister, with me
Our Daddy on High loves us so much
How can we not sing of His goodness
Of the way our hearts He does touch
For each of us knows the Eternal One
So lovely to feel Him next to you and me
So beautiful to hold His Hand each day
So wondrous it is His Way we see

© 2012 Caroline Gavin

How has your life changed since knowing God?

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Watch and Pray

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“Watch and pray,” said our Lord
That into temptation we do not fall
Alert and prayerful may we be then
Eager to answer our Master’s call
For even the most virtuous
Is wretched without God’s grace
Yet with His strength we can endure
With His power we run the race
In our very weaknesses
His strength He does show
When for Him we empty our all
Fullness of Spirit then we know
Sweet it is to know this power
Beautiful to feel God move
Blessed we are to be His temples
Truth of His Word in us does prove
Watch and pray I will then
Each passing day, each moment too
For by keeping wide my eyes
I discern between false and true
And prayer connects me to Him
The Eternal God on High
Communing with Him always
That to my heart He is nigh
Lead me not into temptation, Lord
Prayerful and watchful may I be
Clinging to you, my Master
Of Satan’s shackles living free
For faithful You are to lead us
Lord, loving You are to save
Merciful to strengthen us

In Your Name we can be brave


Full of evil is this fallen world

Yet overcome this world did You

Nothing separates us from Your love

When we cling to all that is True


I thank You, dear Lord and Savior

I praise You for holding my hand

Next to me You walk each moment

Leading me to Your Promised Land


Love You more each day I do

To understand You more I want so

That I may love you deeper, Lord

And Your love to all I may show


Watch and pray I will be then
That into temptation I do not fall
Alert and prayerful will I be then
Eager to answer my Master’s call
And sweet it is to know Your power
Beautiful to feel You move in me
Blessed I am to be Your temple
Set apart to live with You for eternity
by Caroline Gavin
If this poem spoke to your heart, your thoughts I would delight in hearing!
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Wherever You Go, Lord


Wherever You Go, Lord  


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Wherever You go, Lord 

Grant that I may go too

For my greatest desire

Is to be always with You


If You travel the mountains

Let me climb them by your side

If You sail seas and oceans

Let me remain through each tide


If into the heavens You fly

Lord, may I reach this great height

If into the dark valleys You go

Lord, remain always in my sight


Through joy and through tears

Through darkness and light

Grant that I may be with You

Through each day and each night


For who knows me like You do?

Who loves me with a love so sweet?

Who gives everything to me

As You have since we did meet?


To the Love and Life You give

Nothing will ever compare

So my every moment with You

Lord, I do long to share


The heights are much higher now

Bright even are the valleys low

Everything You make new and lovely

Your strength in our weakness does show


So my heart is one with Yours

I abide in You, and You in me

Transformed I am inside and out

A new woman You made me to be


Glorious it is to be Your daughter

Sweet to be one whom You love

You share with me every moment now

Just as You will when I live Above


Rejoice in Your Name I will always

Sing to you sweet songs of praise

How can I contain my joy for Jesus?

His love continually does amaze


So wherever You go, dear Lord

Please grant that I may go too

For my greatest desire is

To be always with You


© 2012 Caroline Gavin

How do you follow wherever He goes?

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Born Again

Born Again  

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Lest a man be born again
The Kingdom of God he will not see
Such a glorious Truth to know
Yes, such a wondrous mystery
But what is this second birth?
A mother does not carry a child twice
How can we heed Christ’s words?
How can we follow sacred advice?
The birth of which our Lord speaks
Is not of the flesh and blood we know
It is a birth of the spirit from Spirit
Following then wherever the Spirit does go
Sweet is this second birth
Blessed are those who in Spirit live
These taste the bliss of eternity
These savor the grace God does give
For God so loved the world
That He sent His only begotten Son
Whosoever places His faith in Christ
Knows salvation through the Holy One
In surrendering one’s self to Christ
In giving Him everything and all
One finds Life and victory sweet
Following ever his dear Master’s call
For to enjoy the resurrection of Christ
First one must with Him also die
A death of denying the desires of flesh
In order to spiritual heights then fly
Rejoice then in this second birth
Celebrate the Spirit Who now lives in you
Praise God for the Gift of eternal life
Thank Him for His love enduring and true
How glorious it is to live this Life
I count all lost in previous life as naught
I long to live always fully in the Spirit
For Christ’s blood my redemption bought
Let us tell one and all of this story
Let us tell everyone about spiritual birth
No sweeter story is there to share
Than Christ dying to save all on earth
So may we embrace Christ each passing day
And fan the flame of the Spirit in the heart
May we lift our prayer and praise to God
Who loved each and all of us from the start
For so very sweet is this second birth
Blessed are we who in Spirit live
We taste each day the bliss of eternity
Yes, we savor the grace God does give
Praise the Lord we have been born again
The Kingdom of God each one of us shall see
Such a glorious Truth to experience and know
Yes, such a wondrous and glorious mystery

© 2012 Caroline Gavin

How has being born again transformed your life?

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Wondrous Wedding

Wondrous Wedding

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A wondrous Wedding
We do eagerly await
 Christ marrying His Church
In the Marriage great
For the Church is His Body
And the Church is His Bride
The Church is His Beloved
To remain forever at His side
Two shall become One
As with woman and man
The mystery of marriage
Designed in God’s plan
Let us dress ourselves white
In purity, humility and love
Let us cloak ourselves radiantly
Awaiting the Son Spouse above
For the marriage we see
Between wife and husband
Foreshadows that to come
In the sweet Promised Land
What a tremendous truth
What a beautiful vision
Let us rejoice all the more
In our Lord’s sacred Mission
For we are His Beloved
His Chosen Wife are we
Let us lift our hearts to God
Let us sing joyously
For the Wedding is near
We will see Him eye to eye
We will then be perfected
Our bodies He will glorify
The corruption of the flesh
Replaced by eternal glory
Living forever with our Lord
Yes, this is our Wedding story
Praise God, my heart
Sing of Christ, my voice
I am my Lord’s beloved
Of this I do rejoice
Until that Wedding Day
I abide in my Savior sweet
Faithful to Him since the day
He and I did meet
And a wondrous Wedding
I do so eagerly await
Christ marrying His Church
In the Marriage great

© 2012 Caroline Gavin

How do you prepare for the Wondrous Wedding?

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Love from Above

Love from Above 

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What is love?
This word we often hear?
Has its meaning been diluted,
Made cryptic and unclear?
Is it a feeling,
A warmth in the heart?
Is it a spark from which
A romance does start?
Or is love much more,
Does it transcend all these?
Is it sublime and sacred,
Bringing us to our knees?
Sublime, spiritual, sacred
Yes, love is all three
For God Himself is love
Love is the Trinity
Love is patient and kind
Selfless and humble too
Love pours of one’s self
And aligns with all True
Look at Christ closely
And know love complete
He accepted the Cross
Pierced hands and feet
Love is giving one’s all
Pouring of self for another
Great must our love be
For our Father, sister, brother
Yet to give of one’s self
Does not empty the soul
For God fills those who love
With His love perfect and whole
Rejoice then, dear Christian
Praise your Father Above
Feelings are fleeting
But perfect and eternal is love
When all passes away
When this earth is no more
Faith, hope and love remain
And love the greatest to endure
Dear Father, fill our hearts
Make them with love overflow
Let us share this love with all
That You all may know
And love You more deeply
I will each passing day
To be more like Christ
This I earnestly pray
May I see and know love
May love I show and live
May love be my fragrance
The sweet aroma I give
And I will express love
This word we often hear
I will proclaim Truth
That love is evident and clear

© 2012 Caroline Gavin

How do you embrace Love from Above?

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Divine Intersection: The Cross

Divine Intersection: The Cross 

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The Cross of Christ
Intersection of death with Life
Overlap of justice and mercy
Union of joy with strife
The Cross of Crucifixion
Beams vertical and horizontal meet
Divine mercy flowing downward
Scales of justice balancing sweet
The Cross of our Lord
Altar of Sacrifice lifted high
That all looking to Jesus Christ
May to the Father be nigh
The Cross of Calvary
An expression of highest Love 
God dying for His creation
That man may be with Him above
The Cross of Jesus
Heavy, yet it He did embrace 
Suffering condemnation and cruelty
To save from sin the human race
The Cross of Golgotha
Water and blood from Christ did flow
That all cleansed by His Sacrifice
Would divine love and mercy know
The cross of my life
Small when to my Lord’s I compare
Sweet to share His suffering
With me eternal riches He does share
The cross, the divine intersection
May we embrace with grateful heart
For in the moment we accept it
Flow of God’s graces do then start
The Cross of Christ
May it convict the heart and mind
For in repentance and transformation
Divine joy and peace we find
The Cross of my Lord
May it remind me continually
Of the unending, undying love
That my Savior has for me
Behold the Cross of Calvary
Expressing my Lord’s Love
He died for me, His daughter
That I may be with Him above

© 2012 Caroline Gavin

What power have you experienced at the Divine Intersecion of the Cross?

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Let me always walk in Truth
Teach me, Lord, Your Way
The sum of Your Word is Truth
Guiding my journey each day
The world deceived sees truth
Relative to the opinions of each
Yet You prove that Truth is absolute
Its perfection to me You teach
Truth is constant, unchanging
It shifts not when the wind does blow
Truth is pure, righteous, eternal
 Hearts transform when Truth they know
Christ Himself is the Truth
His Life embodied the Eternal Word
He lives in those who live in Truth
Those practicing what they heard
He brought His beloved children forth
By Truth in His perfect divine Will
That we may be born again in Spirit
And that all our needs He would fill
Though the Law came through Moses
Through Christ came Truth and Grace
His Message spreads across the world
A Gospel of salvation for the human race
Dear Lord, sanctify me in the Truth
Purify me in the Word You speak
May I grow ever more kind and loving
Ever more courageous, joyful and meek
For sweet is Your Word, my Father
Precious the Word that You give
Powerful in changing hearts and minds
That every soul may eternally live
I lift my heart to you, Eternal One
I sing my Father’s praises all day long
How I love Him for leading me in Truth
So I share with all this glorious song
Seek the Truth, embrace its Beauty
Let it fill your heart, transform your mind
Eternal, Pure, Just, Loving and Living
So treasured is Truth when it we find
So may we walk always in Truth
May our Lord teach us His Way
For the sum of His Word is Truth
Guiding our journeys each day


© 2012 Caroline Gavin  

How do you take steps to walk in Truth?

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Comfort of Christ

Comfort of Christ


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Cherished is the comfort

That I know in my Lord

He embraces me with love

Strengthens me in His Word

The fierce storms may come

The winds may blow with rage

Yet my dear Lord comforts me

All my fears He does assuage


Sweet is this divine comfort

Blissful to know it full well

So of this precious Gift

My lips cannot help but tell


For darkness does come

In this world we now live

Yet our Father in Heaven

To us Light does give


For when we embrace Truth

We embrace God’s comfort too

When we make Christ Lord

We find peace we never knew


Christ knows how we feel

He suffered more than do we

He became a man like us

Suffering pain to set us free


Amazing that our God

Is not one aloof and afar

Truly He knows our pain

For He became as we are


We find in the Almighty

Compassion infinitely deep

We can cry on His shoulder

On His lap we can weep


And wipe from our eyes

He will each and every tear

He comforts with eternal love

Perfect love which casts out fear


Great comfort we find then

Through each and every trial

Each challenge we embrace

Rejoicing all the while


For even the challenges

Our Lord does make sweet

It is in the trials of life

That cross and crown do meet


With the comfort we receive

Let us then comfort one another

May we rejoice in our Father

As we console sister and brother


And praise our God on High

For this comfort we receive

How precious this gift to know

For all who in Christ believe


© 2012 Caroline Gavin

How do you feel – and share – the comfort of Christ?

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