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The Song I Sing

The Song I Sing

The Song I Sing Poem by Caroline Gavin of Purposeful Pathway Christian Life Coaching www.PurposefulPathway.com

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“Violin and Score” by Luigi Diamanti

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Sweet Jesus, my Lord,

 I hear the song You sing;

You are my Creator and Master,

My God and my King.


The symphony of Your love

Does my soul embrace;

I am moved by the music

Of Your amazing grace.


The beat of Your song

Is one of peace, love and joy;

All can hear Your symphony,

Man, woman, girl and boy.


We need only to still

The thoughts of the mind,

For then we will feel deeply

Your love for mankind.


You sing in the birds,

You clap in waves of the sea,

Your lyrics we hear clearly

In swaying of every tree.


Surely Your song

For all eternity will play;

Blessed are those who hear You,

Those who follow Your way.


For we shall see You one day

Yea, in all Your glory;

The song we hear reminds us

Of Your love story.


To earth You came,

With us You came to live,

That Your very life

You would choose to give.


Upon the Cross of Calvary

Your precious blood You shed;

Eternal life we find

In the drops You bled.


There we hear Your song,

Clearer all the more;

Surely You love us, Lord,

Your life for us You pour.


We embrace Your love, Jesus,

We worship on bended knee;

We will sing Your praise

Now and for all eternity.


We feel Your kiss of mercy,

We feel Your sweet embrace;

We hear forever the song

Of Your amazing grace.


Praise You, Creator, Master,

My God and my King;

Sweet Jesus, my Lord,

You are the Song I sing.


© COPYRIGHT 2012 Caroline Gavin

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