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Amazing Grace

Amazing Grace, How Sweet the Sound

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“Amazing Grace,

How sweet the sound,”

Music touching my soul

To depths profound.


When I hear the lyrics,

Lord, I see Your face;

Yea, how amazing

Is Your eternal grace.


Who am I

That You should love me?

Who am I

That You should set me free?


A wretched sinner am I,

Once lost and blind;

Yet Your grace transformed

My heart and mind.


Your love warmed

My once shivering soul;

Your luminous truth filled me,

Making me whole.


I shall sing Your praises

Today and all my tomorrows;

Jesus bears my burdens,

He carries my sorrows.


Who is amazing like Jesus?

Whose love is like His?

Who can transform eternity

With one gentle kiss?


Jesus is my symphony,

He is the song of my heart;

By His amazing grace

He and I shall never part.


Brothers and sisters,

Join me now in song;

Together and forever

With Jesus we belong.


And when we are in Heaven,

His song we will still sing;

Amazing is His grace,

Glory to God, our King!

By His precious blood

He has set us free;

By His limitless love

We live eternally.


Lord, how amazing

Is Your eternal grace.

Yea, how amazing

We shall Your face.


Your loves touches us

To depths profound –

O, “Amazing Grace,

How sweet the sound.”


© 2012 Caroline Gavin

How do you celebrate the sweet sound of His Amazing Grace?

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  • http://tomraines.wordpress.com/ Tom

    How sweet is His amazing grace and yes the depths of the soul it touches is…well, amazing. Yes I am singing with you and know that in heaven my joyful noise will actually be in perfect harmony! Blessings sister as you share this His amazing grace!

    • http://PurposefulPathway.com/ Caroline Gavin

      YES! Amen! Singing with you in joy! Thank you, Tom!
      I appreciate how join me in rejoicing!
      How great is our GOD! How amazing His grace!
      His richest blessings ~ and graces ~ to you always!

  • http://www.MarianneClements.org/ Marianne Clements

    Yes, His amazing Grace is a sweet gift. Thank you for this beautiful poetic reminder.
    Have a Victorious Day!

    • http://PurposefulPathway.com/ Caroline Gavin

      Thank YOU for your constant encouragement! You are a radiant living example of God’s amazing grace, dear Marianne! May His graces forever abound to you!!

  • OlgaMaria Carmen

    Love and Light!