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Wintry Winds, Wondrous Word



Wintry Winds, Wondrous Word

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The wintry winds arrive

With forces swift and cold

The winds speak of cycles

Of patterns dating to old


 Spring, summer, soft and sweet

Have now come and passed

The season of endings has

Arrived here at last


Burying the earth in white

Nipping life with the freeze

What can we hear in her voice

The sound of the winter breeze?


For although the cold does brace

And the frost does sting

What is it in the winter

That makes the heart sing?


Sovereignty of God

In the patterns He does create

The cycles of spring to winter

Do never one year abate


And the world covered

With blankets deep and white

A picture of perfect purity

They do make for the sight


So in this season

Which buries grasses and flowers

God’s wondrous Word touches us

 In dancing flakes of snow showers


Just as Life came in Christ’s death

And new birth from burial deep

God whispers in the winter winds

Of precious Promises He does keep


So when the winter winds

Arrive and fiercely blow

We see promises of new life

In dancing wind drifts of snow


For God transforms the cold

And, to the dead, life He brings

So let us sing in the winter winds

Of Jesus Christ, the King of Kings


© COPYRIGHT 2011 Caroline Gavin

How do you see God’s wondrous Word in the winter winds – or in the winds of any season?

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Vine of Love Divine

Vine of Love Divine

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In His Word

Let us abide

In His Heart

And by His side


For we are branches

And He the Vine

He nourishes your heart

And also mine


Apart from Our Lord

Nothing we can do

Yet with Him we find

Life we never knew


In this Vine of Eternity

From its roots of Love

Bloom peace and joy

Planted from Above


So let us remain in Christ

Growing ever strong

For it is in His strength

That we belong


And from His strength

In this Vine of Life

Let us bear sweet fruit

In both peace and strife


Our beautiful fruit

These miracles which grow

Of God’s power in us

To all do show


That we glorify the Gardener

By bearing fruit sweet

And remain in the Vine

Where Truth and Love do meet


© 2011 Caroline Gavin

How do you actively remain in the Vine of Love Divine?

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Song of Celebration

Song of Celebration

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The song of a bird

The clapping of streams

The waving of leaves

The dance of sunbeams


Glorifying God

Each one, they do

Singing songs of praise

Of His Love ever true


But what dance do I make?

And what song do I sing?

Praise for my God

Does my song always bring?

Like the singing sparrow

And the flowing water

May my rhythm be of God’s

As His grace-bought daughter


For the birds and the sun

And the streams and the trees

Exude God’s Divine Nature

And so Him they do please


Lord, may my life

Sing sweetly to you

May it echo Your love

And the life you renew


Holy and humble

Kind and full of love

Let me reflect the Light

Of my Father Above


For then I’ll sing with birds

And dance with leaves

Such is the life celebration

For each child who believes


© 2011 Caroline Gavin

In what ways do you “sing” your own song of celebration?

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Sacred Spice Story: Christianity and Cinnamon

Cinnamon The Sacred Story of a Spice Video by Caroline Gavin of Purposeful Pathway Christian Life Coaching

The Sacred Story of a Spice

God commanded Moses to use cinnamon in the holy anointing oil. But why would this be? What relation does this spice have to the sacred? What can the aroma of cinnamon tell us about our own lives?

Cinnamon The Sacred Story of a Spice Video by Caroline Gavin of Purposeful Pathway Christian Life Coaching

Image courtesy Piyata at www.freedigitalphotos.net

Watch the Cinnamon Story unfold in this three-minute video…

Alpha and Omega

Alpha and Omega


Alpha and Omega

Beginning and End

Such is the Maker

My Master, My Friend


Timeless and endless

In all and through

Creator of atoms

And of galaxies too


Before mountain, before sky

Before earth, before light

Before lake, before tree

Before day, before night


Such is the Great I AM

Before and after every thing

Such is He, yes,

And why my heart does sing


Incredible to know

That eternally I shall live

Tremendous is His grace

Such an immense gift to give


Let us rejoice

Always rejoice we will

And when we see His Face

We will rejoice always still


© 2011 Caroline Gavin

He is the First and Last, the Alpha and Omega; how do you celebrate His infinite love?

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Living Waterfall

Revived by Living Water


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The rushing of a waterfall

The trickling of a stream

Power to inspire and soothe

Have both, it does seem


Why this connection

Between water and heart?

How can I explain this?

Where can one start?


Transparent and pure

Water has power to cleanse

We see also this power

Through a Biblical lens


Waters baptize and renew

Washing signifies a new start

No wonder this sweet tie

Between water and the heart


The sight of a waterfall

The sound of its rushing flow

Wash over us divine comfort

Peace and inspiration grow


The movement of waters

Keeps them pure and clean

Felt, as they flow into the heart

Not simply heard and seen


For God seems to speak

In the waters created by His Hand

He says “Drink of my Living Water,

Enter now the Promised Land”


For the Living Water of Christ

Quenches always the thirst

It brings to us life eternal

Beginning and end, forever and first


This connection then is sacred

Between water and the heart

God is ever intentional

In the creation of His Art


So let the waters rush and flow

Let the streams meander and wind

Let us wash our hearts from sin

Renewing the spirit and the mind


And we embrace the Living Water

The Gift that Jesus longs to give all

We celebrate the blessing of eternal life

As we stand in awe of His Waterfall


© 2011 Caroline Gavin

How do celebrate the eternal life found in Christ’s Living Water?

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Celebrate the Moment

Beautiful Birth, Glorious God 


With open heart

And with honest mind

I reflect now on years past

Which span behind


May in these years

I see the moving Hand

Of God at work for

His good long planned


May I look also

At the years ahead

A horizon beautiful

Before me does spread


If always I take

God’s sacred Way

Through joy and trial

Through night and day


For He created me

Knew me from eternity

So does He create good

From all that we see

Having looked behind

And looked also ahead

I celebrate the moment

The “now” instead


For every moment

One from another does shift

Is from our Heavenly Father

A precious, divine gift


And so each day

Is also divine gift so great

So may we celebrate these days

These gifts our Father does create


© 2011 Caroline Gavin

How do you celebrate your beauiful birth – and your glorious God?

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Love for a Child

Love for a Child


Children are indeed a blessing

A heritage from God Above

The very thought of her child

Ignites a parent’s heart with love


When a child has been born

And the mother looks into his eyes

A sense of familiarity and love wells

Taking even her own heart by surprise


What is this connection then

Between the parent and the child?

What is it that tames even the bold

Making them selfless, warm and mild?


So much exists in this bond

Deep mystery and love intersect here

So beautiful this connection

That to God’s own love I do compare

The Eternal One loves us deeply

His beloved children we truly are

Beyond thought is the vastness of His love

Stretching wide and long, deep and far


How grateful I am that He

Gives a taste of His love for me

For in my own love for my children

A glimpse of God’s love I do see


Though of His Love I know not the depth

Nor do I appreciate the towering height

I do know that my own heart does soar

And with great love it does take flight


And so all the more I appreciate

The sacrifice of God’s only Begotten Son

The tremendous pain He must have felt

To watch them kill His only One


A parent’s love is but a shadow

Of the immense love God has for you

Beyond our comprehension, yes

Yet still beautifully and divinely true


So, as you take your child’s hand

And as your heart radiates with love

Celebrate the agape-love which streams  

From your Heavenly Father above


© 2011 Caroline Gavin

In what ways do you see and feel God’s love in the parent’s love for a child?

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Pathway of Purpose

Purposeful Pathway


This journey, this pathway

These days and these years

With both victories and trials

Both laughter and tears


Each step is precious

And each moment too

For each brings us closer

Or farther from You


So let my every step

Be upon footing secure

Let Your Word always guide

For then I am sure


My own eyes can deceive

And my feelings betray

So may I listen to Truth

And follow always the Way


For each step, each moment

Upon this pathway I go

Is so precious to me

 As I learn, as I grow


May I never misstep

As I travel, as I live

May I never squander

The moments you give


For to live fully and free

Is to live vibrantly and true

Traveling a purposeful pathway

And moving ever closer to You


© 2011 Caroline Gavin

Share about your personal purposeful pathway…

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