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Summer Son~shine

 Summer Son~shine: A Christian Summer Poem

Summer Son-shine

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Sunshine by Samarttiw

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Summertime arrives,

Days lengthen in the sun,

Warmth, joy and light

We find in the Eternal One.


Summer now it is,

Come and dance with me;

Summer now it is,

Glory my eyes do see.


We experience in winter

Days barren and gray;

We prepare then for the light

Of this summer day.


Surely we see our Lord

In this seasonal parade;

Yea, surely we see Jesus

In seasons He has made.


Sing in joy with me now,

Brother, sister and friend –

The love of our Lord Jesus

We see has no end.


Summer is but a glimpse

Of our life in eternity,

For in the New Jerusalem

As summer it will be.


Only day there will be,

No longer dark of night;

We shall live in the glory

Of the Son’s eternal light.

In the summer season

We feel this more than any other.

Rejoice then in summer sun,

My dear sister and brother.


Summer now it is,

The Son shines on you, on me;

Summer now it is,

Christ’s glory we do see.


Yea, summer is here,

A sparkling glimpse of the Son,

We celebrate eternal life and love

We know in the One.

© 2012 Caroline Gavin

How do you savor the Summer Son~shine?

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