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7-Step Live on P.U.R.P.O.S.E. Process™

7-Step Live on PURPOSE Process

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One question I receive often is, “How will I be coached? What is your Christian Life Coaching process?”

First of all, coaching is customized to each individual by listening to his or her values and goals; determining the specific challenges and the strategies to overcome those challenges; and creating and implementing an individualized action plan.

That being said, there is a process I use to guide these steps. Purpose – that is, living on purpose for God’s purpose – is the basis of fruitful, joyful living. For this reason, the seven-step Christian Life Coaching process I created is based on purpose.

Each of the Purposeful Pathway Life Coaching Programs incorporates the Trademark 7-Step Live on P.U.R.P.O.S.E. Process™:

P – Preparation by clarifying goals

U – Understanding HOW to reach goals through dedicated research

R – Refining goals into smaller steps and daily action steps

P – Practicing goal-supporting habits (and weeding out those which are not)

O – stepping back to Overview periodically and adjust as necessary

S – Simplifying and Systematizing for maximized results

E – Enlisting others and gaining Excellence


This is a bird’s eye view of an in depth process, but it helps to understand how Christian Life Coaching is both intimately individualized while also structured with a powerful process.

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