Poetic Inspirations and Practical Applications for Blissful Living

More Fragrant than the Flower

More Fragrant than the Flower


Sweeter than honey

More fragrant than the flower

Such is to know the Lord

To experience His love and power


Finer than jewels

More precious than gold

Such is to commune with God

To discover His treasures untold


Stronger than mountains

More powerful than the storm

Such is to embrace the Spirit

Who our minds does transform


Brighter than the sun

More brilliant than its rays

Such is to follow the Savior

All our lives, all our days


Greater than emperors

More mighty than kings

Such is our God, our Father

Who through Christ made all things


Purer than the lily

More beautiful than the rose

Such is the heart of the Lord

For Whom my love ever grows


Sweeter, stronger, greater

Finer, brighter and more pure

Such is the Savior who died for me

Whose love does eternally endure


More beautiful, more brilliant

May my heart, then, ever be

When others looks in my eyes

May it be my Lord they see



For sweeter than honey

And more fragrant than the flower

Such is to know You, Lord,

To experience Your love and power


© 2012 Caroline Gavin

What do you see, feel and hear in the Lord Jesus?

To what do you compare His love?

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