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Divine Intersection: The Cross

Divine Intersection: The Cross 

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The Cross of Christ
Intersection of death with Life
Overlap of justice and mercy
Union of joy with strife
The Cross of Crucifixion
Beams vertical and horizontal meet
Divine mercy flowing downward
Scales of justice balancing sweet
The Cross of our Lord
Altar of Sacrifice lifted high
That all looking to Jesus Christ
May to the Father be nigh
The Cross of Calvary
An expression of highest Love 
God dying for His creation
That man may be with Him above
The Cross of Jesus
Heavy, yet it He did embrace 
Suffering condemnation and cruelty
To save from sin the human race
The Cross of Golgotha
Water and blood from Christ did flow
That all cleansed by His Sacrifice
Would divine love and mercy know
The cross of my life
Small when to my Lord’s I compare
Sweet to share His suffering
With me eternal riches He does share
The cross, the divine intersection
May we embrace with grateful heart
For in the moment we accept it
Flow of God’s graces do then start
The Cross of Christ
May it convict the heart and mind
For in repentance and transformation
Divine joy and peace we find
The Cross of my Lord
May it remind me continually
Of the unending, undying love
That my Savior has for me
Behold the Cross of Calvary
Expressing my Lord’s Love
He died for me, His daughter
That I may be with Him above

© 2012 Caroline Gavin

What power have you experienced at the Divine Intersecion of the Cross?

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