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Citizen of Heaven


Citizen of Heaven 


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My citizenship is in Heaven
 Gladly this truth I know
So as each day now passes
Farther from this world I grow
For of this world I am not
I am but a sojourner here
It is God’s Kingdom I seek
My Heavenly home I see clear
Beautiful, bright, eternal
Sweet, lovely and divine
Home of the Lord and the angels
Yes, this very Home is mine
Glorious is this truth, dear Christian
Please let your heart never forget
Your name is in the Book of Life
Indeed forever there it is set
Deserving of this eternal reward
Never could I be on my own
For it is the blood of my Savior
His sacrifice for me did atone
Yes, the blood of the Lamb it is
Which cleanses and sets me free
It is the Cross of my sweet Lord
Which brings me bliss eternally
Heaven already is in my heart
Rest and rejoice in Eden I do
Drinking from the Living Water
And eating God’s every word true
For eternal life starts not some day
Upon being born again it did start
Yes, eternal life I live right now
And joy overflows from my heart
So sing with me, sweet sister
Rejoice with me, beloved brother
Let us joyfully thank and praise God
And let us gladly uplift one another
Eternal treasures do await us
For each a crown to perfectly fit
The glory of God we shall see
Forever on the Throne He does sit
Worry not, dear one, of this world
Let not the trials weigh you down
Remember your citizenship Above
Think upon the treasures and crown
For our citizenship is in Heaven
Yes, gladly this truth we know
As each day now passes here
Farther from this world we grow
Yes, of this world we are not
We are but sojourners here
It is God’s Kingdom we seek
Our Heavenly home we see clear

© 2012 Caroline Gavin

How do you recall daily that you are a citizen of Heaven?

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