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The Names of the LORD

Names of the Lord


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Lord, I commit my all to you

Each passing day and night

I long to walk upon your Way

Always in your perfect Light


For to be one with you, Lord

Is to be one with joy and peace

Indeed to walk with you, Lord

Is to each and every fear release


Your perfect love casts out fear

It brings peace and comfort divine

You bring nourishment to Life

In Your spiritual Bread and Wine


For You are the Bread of Life

You sustain the heart and soul

Your blood is the precious Wine

Cleansing us to make us whole


You are the Way, Truth and Life

No other pathways to God lead

You allow us kinship with the Father

While You fill richly our every need


Such a joy I have found in You, Lord

I cannot stop my heart from singing

I raise my arms in praise to you, God

For Love and Peace You keep bringing


Oh, that each soul would know You

That each person would Your Love feel

May each heart soften to Your Word

Ever true, ever powerful, ever real


For to know closely the Son of God

Is to know intimately the Father Above

To be one with the Word made Flesh

Is to unite with eternal Peace and Love


So many Names you have, Lord

So many roles You gloriously play

Truth, Word, Bread, Wine, Love

King, Lamb, God, Life and Way


Yet on me You have set Your sights

And upon all the children You adore

May we grow to know You deeper, Lord

May we love you each day all the more


May we spread your Message to all

The Gospel of Peace may we share

That all may rest in Your divine peace

That all may know Your loving care


May I lose myself entirely in You

For in losing ourselves we find true Life

To think that You are our Bridegroom

And Your Church your radiant Wife


To think of these truths, Lord

Truly amazes and overwhelms my mind

How humbling that You love me so

No sweeter truth I will ever find


So I commit my all to you, Lord

Each passing day and night

I will walk with You upon Your Way

Abiding always in your perfect Light


© 2012 Caroline Gavin

How do you call on the Names of the Lord?

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  • http://tomraines.wordpress.com/ Tom

    just wow…love it! Can I tell you I have never read poetry but your writings move my soul and I praise God for the power and truths He writes through your heart and your hands…keep writing and keep sharing with the world who He is! “may we spread His message to all”. Praying for your gifts and your message to touch those He intends today!

    • http://PurposefulPathway.com Caroline Gavin

      And I saw “WOW” in reply!

      Thank you very much, Tom! Your comments bless and inspire me! I am grateful for the encouragement you share, and how wonderful that my writing resonates with you. All glory is God’s!

      I thank you also for your prayers! I pray also for you and your ministry…may God continue to shine through you, dear brother in Christ!