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The Mind of the Heart

Mind of the Heart


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Beating faithfully

Pumping fluid of life

The heart continues

Even in pain and strife


Yet more than muscle

More than mechanics therein

The heart has a mind

Clinging to either life or sin


For a man indeed is

As he thinketh in his heart

It is from the heart-center

Growth of fruit does start


Thus we feel heart pain

When bad news we learn

Or feel our hearts lifted

When loved ones return


It is Christ’s heart that aches

When sinners reject His love

For His heart pours blessings

From His throne above


The life-blood of His heart

Is the life-force of salvation

It purifies and restores

And strengthens in temptation


Guard carefully, then, your heart

Let it be of flesh, not stone

Sensitive to God’s Word

Imprinted with Truth alone


For the Law of the LORD

Is written upon His child’s heart

That he may live victoriously

And from God never part


So we protect our hearts

And lift them to the Most High

We embrace the love of Christ

Never our hearts to go awry


And we sing of God’s love

We rejoice in His glory

Christ’s heart bled for us

Salvation is His Story


Beating so faithfully then

Let the rhythm of our hearts be one

With the symphony of our King

Yes, music of Eternity has begun


© COPYRIGHT 2011 Caroline Gavin

How has the mind of the heart changed in your life since meeting Christ?

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