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Vine of Love Divine

Vine of Love Divine

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In His Word

Let us abide

In His Heart

And by His side


For we are branches

And He the Vine

He nourishes your heart

And also mine


Apart from Our Lord

Nothing we can do

Yet with Him we find

Life we never knew


In this Vine of Eternity

From its roots of Love

Bloom peace and joy

Planted from Above


So let us remain in Christ

Growing ever strong

For it is in His strength

That we belong


And from His strength

In this Vine of Life

Let us bear sweet fruit

In both peace and strife


Our beautiful fruit

These miracles which grow

Of God’s power in us

To all do show


That we glorify the Gardener

By bearing fruit sweet

And remain in the Vine

Where Truth and Love do meet


© 2011 Caroline Gavin

How do you actively remain in the Vine of Love Divine?

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