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Flowers Poem and eCard by Caroline Gavin of Purposeful Pathway Christian Life Coaching

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Everything You are to me, Lord

Yes, Everything indeed

You are my longing and my desire

You richly fill my every need


The Sun You are to me, Lord

The dazzling Light in my days

You warm me with Your brilliance

You embrace me with Son rays


Nourishment You are to me, Lord

You are to me sustaining Bread

I live on every word of Scripture

I hunger for every word You said


My Refreshment You are, Lord

Living Water eternal and pure

Bursting forth from my heart now

Is Your Water forever to endure


My Compass You are, Lord

My Map and my beloved Guide

Lead me, Lord, wherever You please

I will cling always to Your side


My Hope You are, Lord

Your Resurrection makes hope abound

I rejoice in Your Promises

To me Treasures since the day I found


My Joy You are, Lord

My bubbling joy unceasing

Euphoric it is to do Your work

To know my Master I am pleasing


My Love You are, Lord

The Reason my heart sings its song

Take all of me, my Beloved

For it is to You whom I belong


My Meaning You are, Lord

My Purpose, my Passion, my Vision

Fulfillment I find in following You

Breathing every breath for Your Mission


My Friend You are, Lord

My Best Friend, Beloved Brother

To commune with You is pure joy

Sweeter Fellowship not to find in another


My God You are, Lord

Master, Deity and King

Worship You forever I shall

With angels Your praises I sing


My Life You are, Lord

My breath, my heartbeat, my being

You are my very existence

All I know now, all I am seeing

Everything You are to me, Lord

Yes, each and every thing to me

Lord, I offer everything I am to You

I am entirely Yours for eternity

© 2012 Caroline Gavin
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