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Sweet Valentine: God’s Love Divine



Sweet Valentine

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Sweet Valentine, Sweet Love of mine

I give my all and my heart to Thee

So precious are You to me, Lord

Your Love is all I know and see


Never have I known a man

To love me more sweetly and true

Than You, my beloved Savior

In all You ever say and do


Truly you are the Love of my life

You are the One for Whom I sing

Great is the joy, the peace, the comfort

That every day to me You bring


Stay with me, my Beloved

I plead that You never leave my side

Betrothed I am, with all Your Church

To be Your pure and beloved Bride


You died for me, my Love

On Calvary You poured out Your all

How can I but answer and follow

When You, my Lord, do call?


Bind my heart to Yours, my Jesus

Grant that You and I may never part

For to know You is to know love

So I give You my all and my heart


On this Day of Saint Valentine

I celebrate You and the love You give

Wondrous it is to be in love with You

To be one with You is to truly live


May each one know you, dear Lord

May each one experience Your love sweet

May each one find You and Your Heart

May I express Your love to each one I meet


Life Eternal and Love Unceasing

Both I have found in You, the Son

You are to me everything, yes, all things

You are my meaning, my passion and my One


So a song of Valentine I sing to You

My heart beats for You as I sing rhyme

I have found my eternal and my true Love

Yes, He will be with me until the end of time


© 2012 Caroline Gavin

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  • http://tomraines.wordpress.com/ Tom

    “You are my meaning, my passion and my One”….that is the kind of love that does take your breath away! Thanks

    • http://PurposefulPathway.com Caroline Gavin

      Tom, thank you so very much!
      Your encouragement is always cherished – day after day!

      Amazing that our Lord – the One who sustains our breath – is also the One who takes our breath away! Praise our Beloved, the Lord Divine: He is indeed the sweetest Valentine!

      God bless you, dear brother and friend of mine!

  • Kim Hall

    “May each one know you, dear Lord, May each one experience Your love sweet.” Mmm. Better than the sweetest valentine’s candy!

    • http://PurposefulPathway.com Caroline Gavin

      Kim, thank you so very much! I am glad you enjoyed the poem!
      Yes, so very sweet is the Love of our Lord –
      while also precious and priceless, timeless and true!
      May God – through the Treasures of Christ – bless you!