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Dawn of New Day

Dawning Light of Jesus

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The sun bursts in the sky,

The rays warm my heart:

Glorious to witness

A new day at its start.


Such is the entry

Of dawn on the earth,

Such is the triumph:

A new day at its birth.


For light overcomes

The darkness of night.

Yes, darkness surrenders

To the glory of light.


The truth of the Lord

Shines in this way;

The truth of Christ

Shines bright as the day.


Though darkness is deep,

Though sin is vast,

None can overcome

Light of First and Last.


Glory, Glory to God,

For the Light He gives.

Praise to our Father:

His goodness lives.


His goodness and truth

Prevail forevermore;

His love and His light

Eternally endure.


Dance I shall then

In the warmth of His rays.

Sing I shall of Him

All my life, all my days.


I shall join hands

With sister and brother;

We lift our hearts to God

And uplift one another.


Rejoicing in the Son-light,

Rejoicing in its rays,

Rejoicing in Jesus –

His love does amaze!


His Light overcomes

The darkness of night.

Yes, darkness surrenders

To the glory of Light.


Such is the entry

Of Truth on the earth,

Such is the triumph:

Jesus Christ brings rebirth.


His Light fills my soul,

His rays warm my heart:

Glorious to witness

New Life at its start.

© 2012 Caroline Gavin

In what ways has the Dawning Light of Jesus brought you New Life?

If this poem spoke to your heart, your thoughts I would delight in hearing!
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  • http://tomraines.wordpress.com/ Tom

    “such is the entry” sends chills through me. What glorious Sonlight in the dawning of the day! In what ways? Let me count the ways….His breath is my breath, His light is encompassing and penetrating. Thank you Caroline for walking us into His light and for sharing His rays. Blessings my sister!

    • http://PurposefulPathway.com/ Caroline Gavin

      You’ve blessed my heart once again, cherished brother Tom! How wonderful it is to bask in the Son-light – and to rejoice in His brilliance with you!!! Blessings always in His Son-shine… Caroline :)

  • http://mikegprint.wordpress.com/ Mike

    What a great poem Caroline! I love how you communicate through metaphor! Have you read any CS Lewis, he works in a similar way I think!

    • http://PurposefulPathway.com/ Caroline Gavin

      Mike, thank you so very much! Metaphor, I agree, can be a powerful means of expression.

      I have read some of the works of CS Lewis. Beautiful!

      May God’s blessings continue to abound to you!
      Enjoy a wonderful weekend!