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Poem: I Am The Way

Poem: I Am The Way

I Am The Way

Poem: I Am The Way

Image courtesy dan at www.freedigitalphotos.net


Jesus answered, “I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me…” (John 14:6)


Child, why do you

Search the way to go?

Do you not know

The way I will show?


I am the life,

The truth, the way,

I will lead you, little one,

Yes, every day,


I will keep you on track

Toward Heaven’s gate,

Inspiring your heart

To sing and celebrate.


So take My hand,

So much I love you,

Follow My path

Perfect and true,


Walk with Me,

Stay here by My side,

In My sacred heart

Joyfully abide,


Embrace the beauty

Of this path I pave:

I love, I bless,

I inspire, I save.


Come, little one,

This path celebrate,

For I lead you onward

Toward Heaven’s gate,


Follow Me closely,

Hear the words I say,

As I am your life,

I am the way,


Yes, I am the way,

So this way follow,

As eternal joy

You will surely know!




© 2014 Caroline Gavin

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Poem: Child, I Am Close to You

Child, I Am Close to You

Child, I Am Close to You

Child, I Am Close to You

Image courtesy Evgeni Dinev at www.freedigitalphotos.net


“Yet you are near, LORD, and all your commands are true.” (Psalm 119:151)


Sweet child of mine,
If you only knew
Always how close
I am to you,

How near I am
Throughout the day,
How I am next to you
Paving the way,

How I am smiling
To hold your hand,
How I unfold for you
All I have planned…

Yes, if you knew
How close I am always,
Endless would be
Your joy, your praise,

Perfect your peace,
Rich your love,
Fastened your eyes
On heaven above.

So I ask you now
My closeness to feel,
How strong it is,
How divine and real,
How sweet it is
To hold my hand,
How happy to embrace,
All I have planned,

How blissful it is
To walk this pathway,
How blessed it is
To hear all I say…
Yes, sweet child,
Know this to be true:
Each and every moment
I am close to you!


© 2014 Caroline Gavin

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Guest Post: Stay Between the Lines

Stay Between The Lines

Guest Post by Heart and Soul Health Coach Mike Fenton


     Most folks began to hear those words as a child while learning how to color in a coloring book for the first time. We continued to hear those words as we went through school, and then, when first learning how to drive. Now staying between the lines is a good idea, especially when driving, but what about how it pertains to living life? If we continue to “stay between the lines” without ever venturing out, how do we grow? Sometimes it’s necessary to step out from behind those lines in order to discover our true sense, who and what we were meant to be.

     Some folks may be afraid to step out in fear of what they may or may not find, but if we step out and let God be our guide we need not worry about making mistakes, and if we do, it is for His purpose. We read in Proverbs 16:9 “In their hearts humans plan their course, but the Lord establishes their steps”.

     Another reason folks “stay between the lines” is because they have become complacent where they are. Complacency only leads to one place, it is called stagnation. When we are there we have no desire to learn or experience anything new, we are content to live life just as it is. There is nothing wrong about being “content” but if we do not continue to grow, life can, and in most cases, becomes boring.

     After spending a good number of years working at one company I found this to be true, those that retired and did nothing were the ones that did not live as long as those that retired and looked at that time as an opportunity to learn and experience new things.

     As you move forward today let “staying between the lines” be for coloring books and driving, it’s time to step out and experience what live has to offer, and let God be your guide. 

Guest Post: Foundational Differences

Foundational Differences

Guest Post by Heart and Soul Health Coach Mike Fenton


     I recently purchased a storage shed that would allow for me to have more room in my garage. When reading the directions it said I could choose between a wood or cement foundation. It made me think of the lesson(s) told in Matthew 7:24-27 which reads “Therefore everyone who hears these words of mine and puts them into practice is like a wise man who built his house on the rock. The rain came down, the streams rose, and the winds blew and beat against that house; yet it did not fall, because it had its foundation on the rock. But everyone who hears these words of mine and does not put them into practice is like a foolish man who built his house on sand”

     When we embrace the words of our Lord Jesus Christ we create a foundation within ourselves that makes us strong in mind, body and spirit. We are ready for the “storms of life”, we are ready to do battle with the evil one. However, it is very important to remember, it requires more than just hearing the words of our savior we must put them into practice if we want to build a solid foundation.

     If we take a handful of sand and release it, it scatters and falls to the ground, there is no cohesiveness. If we take a rock and drop it to the ground it stays intact, when we hear and put into practice the words of our Lord and savior, life is intact, we are not only strong, but we are strong for others as well, there is cohesiveness. We have a solid foundation to build our life around.


Biz Tip: Head in the Clouds, Feet on the Ground

Head in the Clouds


Head in the Clouds, Feet on the Ground

Head in the Clouds

Image courtesy Dan at www.freedigitalphotos.net


Purposeful Pathway is the haven for faith-based entrepreneurs. Part of my mission is equipping faith-based businesses with information that is practical, actionable and Scriptural.

The theme of this post is how to keep your head in the clouds and your feet on the ground — in order to bear business fruit!

Creativity is a beautiful part of the entrepreneurial experience. Aren’t those “head in the clouds” inspirations we experience simply blissful? Action, too, is a powerful part of business growth. Yet sometimes our inspirations can overwhelm us, and other times our actions can be tedious and fruitless. How can we fruitfully combine the two? How can we intentionally integrate our inspirations and our actions?  How can we orchestrate the thoughts in our head with the steps of our feet?

Let’s explore five ways:

1. Determine areas that are over-thought. Carefully and prayerfully consider the areas in which you are over-thinking but under-doing. Where have you experienced countless inspirations but have taken little action? Perhaps, for example, you have been inspired with many book topics or product ideas or program possibilities. Write down as many “action-less” inspirations as come to mind.

2. Determine areas that are overdone. Carefully and prayerfully consider, too, areas in which you consistently act with little inspiration. Perhaps, for example, you continually offer programs at a certain price point or you share blog posts at a certain frequency or you market in a certain manner. List any of your activities that are merely habitual but no longer inspired.

3. Determine how to incorporate more action into the inspiration. Looking at your first list, determine prayerfully which one or two inspirations you will implement. What specific action steps can you take today? Perhaps it’s time to start writing that book or launching that program? Take one step, even a “small” step, today.

4. Determine how to incorporate more inspiration into the action. Looking at your second list, prayerfully consider what feels inspired for each activity. Does modifying your blog post schedule make sense? Does changing your fee structure feel aligned? Does tweaking your marketing inspire you? Start making those changes today.

5. Be happy from head to feet. As you incorporate more action into your inspirations and more inspiration into your actions, notice the alignment of your head and your feet. You will appreciate the happy flow that comes with embracing movement and miracles. Give glory to God along the way, as He is the One who inspires the mind and gives strength for each step. He is the One who paves our purposeful pathways! “I will instruct you and teach you in the way you should go; I will counsel you with my loving eye on you.” (Psalm 32:8)

If you need help with aligning “head and feet” in your business or with building your business overall, I invite you to attract your ideal clients and powerfully boost your business over the next 40 days! There is no need to reinvent the wheel. I have organized my knowledge and experiences in business into an implementable 40-day series of actionable daily steps, instructional videos and powerful worksheets. If you need a serious boost in business, I encourage you to take the next step by visiting  Purposeful Pathway Business Academy today!

Let’s Pray: Loving Lord, we thank You for inspiring our minds and guiding our steps! We praise You for paving our purposeful pathways. Faithful Father and Forever Friend, we ask for Your help in integrating more inspiration into our actions and more action into our inspirations. We ask for Your grace to align head and feet…as we align our wills with Yours. We love you with every fiber of our beings, every moment of every day, every step of the pathway…and it is in Jesus’ Name we pray. Amen.

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Guest Post: He Ain’t Heavy

He Ain’t Heavy

Guest Post by Heart and Soul Health Coach Mike Fenton


One of the most important things everyone needs in life is a support system that is there for them when they are having issues. A support system can help us through some of life’s trying moments and can be anything from a family member, a friend or even a neighbor. We just need/want someone that will be there for us in our time of need, someone that will listen to our concerns and give us the words we need to hear, not the words we want to hear. Of course the best support system is a close relationship with God.

     But what about being a support system for others? Do you offer that support to those close to you? Can you see when someone is in need and offer to support them? We should always be on the lookout for the opportunity to be a support to others, especially those that are close to us.

    Being a support system for others may require different things for each individual. More often than not they are just looking for someone to talk to, someone that will listen emphatically and offer suggestions to help them through their problem or issue.

     Of all the assets we have, our time is the most valuable of all. By giving someone else our time we have given them something more precious than money. Because we have only so much time in this life, how we spend it is precious. That is why we need to be aware and cautious of who and how many people we offer our support to. There is just not enough time to help everyone.

     In any case the feeling you will get when helping others, being a part of someone’s support system is a very rewarding opportunity and one you will always remember. There are always opportunities to help others, to become a part of someone’s support system. In addition we never know when we may need a support system ourselves. So the next time such an opportunity arises don’t be afraid to say sure “He Ain’t Heavy”.

Poem: God’s Goodness

God's Goodness

God’s Goodness

God's Goodness

Image courtesy zirconicusso at www.freedigitalphotos.net



“You are good and do good; Teach me Your statutes.” (Psalm 119:68)


Melodies of birds

Play around me,

Gentle breezes

Dance through the tree,


Sunshine embraces,

Blue skies stretch above,

Green fields invite

With refreshing love,


Joyful music plays

Deep in my heart…

To count God’s blessings,

Where can I start?


For His goodness

Is all around,

His sweet mercies

Surely abound,


His tender touch

Is in everything,

His happy voice

Makes the birds sing,


His endless grace

Kisses each flower,

His majesty radiates

In mountains that tower.


Yes, God’s goodness

Is here and everywhere,

Inspiring every bliss,

Drying every tear.


From our Father

All goodness starts,

Refreshing our spirits,

Uplifting our hearts,


Reminding us of heaven,

Of treasures above,

Filling our hearts with joy,

With limitless love…


Yes, as birds sing

Joyfully in the tree,

Let us sing of God’s goodness

Now and eternally!



© 2014 Caroline Gavin

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Poem: Graces to Savor

Graces to Savor

Graces to Savor

Graces to Savor

Image courtesy kibsfri at www.freedigitalphotos.net


“Taste and see that the Lord is good;
blessed is the one who takes refuge in him.” (Psalm 34:8)



My little child,

Come now to hear

The sound of the ocean

Splashing so clear,


The sound of the breeze

Dancing through trees,

The sounds of gulls

Over the seas,


The sounds of children

Happy at play,

The sounds of birds

On a beautiful day…


Yes, little child,

Come now to see

My blessings of bliss,

My graces of beauty,


For these are the things

Which make life sweet:

The feeling of sand

Beneath your feet,


The peaceful lake,

The mountain high,

The verdant grass,

The brilliant sky,


The smile of a baby,

The song of a child,

The rhythm of the ocean,

Melodic and mild.


Yes, little child,

These gifts do savor,

Embrace my blessings,

Embrace my favor,


As I am the Giver

Of all good things,

Inspiring your spirit

To fly on wings,


To lift you high

When you are down,

To transform to smiles

Your every frown.


So as a child

Ever happy at play,

Embrace My gifts

On your purposeful way,


Smile joyfully

At the dance of trees,

Sing with the gulls

Of the happy seas,


Yes, clap with the waves

Splashing so clear…

And rejoice to know

I Am always near!


© 2014 Caroline Gavin

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Guest Post: When One Door Closes

When One Door Closes another Door Opens

Guest Post by Heart and Soul Health Coach Mike Fenton


How frustrating is it when an unexpected turn of events disrupts the daily flow of life? If you said very frustrating don’t feel bad because it is how many folks would have responded as well. Most folks spend a lot of time trying to establish a place in life where they feel comfortable and can start to enjoy some of the basic things such as their home, family and friends. They don’t want their “normality” messed with and who can blame them? It takes a long time to reach a level of comfort in which we feel we can put our feet up, rest, relax and enjoy.

But what happens when the life we know no longer exists? We’ve lost our job, we received a bad report following a recent trip to the doctor, or our children are getting in trouble and not getting the grades they once did? It can be very frustrating and disheartening depending on how we perceive it.

The optimist will tell us don’t worry the glass is half-full, the pessimist will tell us we better worry because the glass is half-empty. But neither one takes notice of the water pitcher right next to the glass which gives us the ability to take control of the situation! We can change the glass to whatever level we want it to be, there are options.

Often we miss the pitcher of water just like we often miss the door that has just opened for us because we’re too focused on the door that has closed, and the longer we remain focused on the door that has closed the bigger the problem seems to become. We must try to remember that even if one door closes, another opens.

There may be a good reason the door closed in the first place, and that new door will open which may lead us to bigger and better things. There is someone that is much more knowledgeable than we are and He has a plan for us. He need not give us a reason why a door has closed and/or why another has opened, He only wants us to have faith and to follow along according to His plan.

So if we experience a door that has been closed, we must remember there may be a reason for it to have happened to us, and it may be beyond our own level of understanding. Instead we must immediately begin to look for the new door that most assuredly will open up, because it is probably the door He wanted us to go through all along.