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Effective Facebook Marketing

Effective Facebook Marketing

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Purposeful Pathway is the haven for faith-based entrepreneurs. Part of my mission is equipping faith-based businesses with information that is practical, actionable and Scriptural.

The theme of this post is effective Facebook marketing!

Social media can be a very powerful medium for marketing.  Yet social media can also drain a lot of time and energy from an entrepreneur if there is no clear-cut plan.

How can you leverage social media, specifically Facebook, for your faith-based business?

  1. Use consistently a Facebook page in addition to a profile. You can most certainly build relationships via a profile, but Facebook pages include analytics and applications that profiles do not have. Friends can become jaded when they see too many marketing posts on a personal profile, but they expect enriching business-related information on a page.
  2. Build a fan base you will be excited to serve. Building a fan base is not an end in itself. Thoughtfully build a base of potential ideal clients. Offer something compelling for free, such as eBook or an exclusive interview audio; think of your ideal client when you create this offer. What does he or she need most? Build an opt-in form for this offer on your Facebook page; you can then deliver the gift via email and consequently stay in touch. The benefits are twofold in this situation: you attract potential clients to your page, and you build your mailing list. Both allow you to nurture relationships.
  3. Keep an engaged page. One method for increasing engagement is by liking fan pages that your ideal client would like; do so using your fan page. For example, if you are a health coach, your ideal client may like pages for weight loss tips, health clubs, health food stores, wellness centers and healthy recipes. In terms of connecting with local clients, look for local venues and local pages. Once you have liked these pages, consistently engage with the posts from these pages (commenting from your page rather than your profile); doing so will allow the followers of these pages to see your page and also potentially like and engage on your page.
  4. Host joint ventures and offer special promotions with owners from other pages. Doing so allows all page owners to expand their followings.
  5. Build relationships with your personal profile too. Join groups that attract your ideal clients and actively participate by sharing your posts and promotions in these groups. You can also befriend local media, community organizations and local businesses.  In sharing their posts, you will be a rich resource for your ideal clients.
  6. Do not forget Facebook ads. Although there is a cost involved, Facebook ads can be very effective and can provide a great return on investment. Before you invest in Facebook ads, clarify your ideal client demographics and also create a compelling ad with an irresistible offer.
  7. As with all marketing, put yourself into your clients’ shoes. What are they thinking? What do they need? With whom are they talking? What is their biggest problem expressed in their words? How can you bring value to them? Before you sign onto Facebook or social media in general, pray about providing what your ideal client most needs to receive from you. The more we step out of ourselves and into the heads and hearts of our clients, the more we attract them and the more we are able to serve them.


The mission of our faith-based businesses, after all, is to serve others and to glorify God with the gifts He has given us! These seven steps for effective Facebook marketing will allow Facebook to be one avenue in which you are able to do just that.


“As each has received a gift, use it to serve one another, as good stewards of God’s varied grace: whoever speaks, as one who speaks oracles of God; whoever serves, as one who serves by the strength that God supplies—in order that in everything God may be glorified through Jesus Christ. To him belong glory and dominion forever and ever. Amen.” 1 Peter 4:10-11


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Let’s pray. Faithful Father, You created us to be in relationship with us. How blessed we are by Your love for us. As we build relationships with others, help us to do so always from a space of love and service. Help us, Father, to glorify You in all that we do. Bless every step of our purposeful pathway. It’s in Jesus’ Name that we pray. Amen.

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