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BOOK Release! Purposeful Pathway: Your Journey with Jesus… (and my Labor of Love!)


Purposeful Pathway


PURPOSEFUL PATHWAY: Your Journey with Jesus

Refresh your heart, revive your spirit!
is a forty-day poetic devotional designed
to heighten the joy in your journey.
May the poetry strengthen your connection with the Lord,
deepen your love for Him and fan the flame of the Spirit.
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Reader Reviews for
Michael Fenton:
“Such beautiful work! Caroline’s poetic words bring you closer and closer to Jesus with each and every word. The daily devotion is a great way to start the day and the message left is something that remains with you all day long. Though times are tough and frustration is all about this inspirational piece of work directs us to focus on what really is important in life.

I would recommend this beautiful, inspirational piece of work to all!”


Ann Musico:

“I have just begun reading this truly beautiful devotional in these weeks before Easter and I can say from what I’ve read so far, this is a wonderful tool to use in these next 40 days to draw even closer to Jesus. Caroline’s poetry is not only lyrical and beautiful, but deeply spiritual and insightful. You will not only enjoy each day’s poetic devotion, you will carry its truth with you all throughout the day and find you have been focused on Jesus effortlessly!

I thoroughly and wholeheartedly recommend you buy one for yourself and one as a gift for someone you love.”


Rob Clinton:

“This book is such a magical and elegant masterpiece. Caroline’s poetic creativity is an absolute manifestation of God throughout all of her writing, as she truly brings the love of Christ to life. I’m almost without words, but will definitely be going back and including this as part of my daily inspirational reminders and devotionals. This is must read and devotional for all people of faith. If you don’t know Christ, then let this be your excuse to begin that journey.”


Kim Hall:

“Caroline’s poetry touches the heart and refreshes the soul as she pours out a message of comfort and love, and hope and joy from the Lord. Her deep love for Christ is evident as she invites you to grow a deeper and more fulfilling relationship with Him, wherever you are on your path. I encourage you to take time to refill at the proverbial well by visiting Caroline at Purposeful Pathway today – and by taking the 40-Day Journey with Jesus!”


Carole Simone:

“This book has been such an inspiration! The poetry is so well written and flows with such grace that it’s a pleasure to any reader. It is a reminder of the Love of God and brings such a comfort of His True Peace. All of us need this uplifting Truth! This book makes a wonderful daily devotional to meditate on during the day. I’d highly recommend this book to all and anyone is on their Journey with the Lord Jesus!”

Lisa Keva:

“My whole FAMILY has been blessed by this book. Who knew that you could use a book of Jesus-centered poetry as a personal AND family devotional?

Embark, dear Christian, on a journey
An inspiring journey of forty days
Growing ever closer to our Lord
Ever more aligned with His ways

On this 40 days of renewal and growth, the author takes you through the topics of love, commitment, truth, forgiveness, children and much more directing you in the right paths.

This book of poetry will help focus your thoughts on Jesus. His life, His ministry and how He would want us to walk out our purpose in this life.”

Read more of Lisa’s review at:

Purposeful Pathway: Your Journey with Jesus – Book Review


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Interested in working one-on-one with the Caroline? Contact her at caroline@purposefulpathway.com for a complimentary Christian Life Coaching consultation. Join the journey – and travel the Pathway of Purpose!
  • http://tomraines.wordpress.com/ Tom

    Congratulations!! What an achievement and gift from God. I pray God places this in the hands and hearts of many. I will have to check it out. So excited for you and am sure your labor will spread His love too!!

    • http://PurposefulPathway.com Caroline Gavin

      THANK YOU, TOM!!!! I appreciate so very much your heartfelt congratulations AND your prayers!
      All glory is GOD’s, and I would be humbled for the Purposeful Pathway book to indeed reach the hands and hearts of many!
      May God continue to bless you and shine brilliantly through your ministry!
      Thank YOU for shining for HIM!