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God on High

God on High

God on High: Inspiratonal Christian eCard and Poem

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Sun And Clouds by Graur Codrin

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Glory of glories:
The Son shining on high.
Glory of glories:
Though far, He is nigh.

For Jesus reigns
High in Heaven above;
Yet surely He is near
To all He does love.

The highest Heavens
His Presence cannot contain;
Yet in our hearts
He does surely remain.

He dwells in His children,
Yea, in us He does abide;
He wraps us in His love,
Tenderly He does guide.

How can this be,
How can this be so?
How can the Creator of all
I intimately know?

Surely I am not deserving,
Surely He is far too great;
Yet surely God is with me,
Though me He did create.

The stars sing of His glory,
The sun shines with His light;
The universe shows His wisdom
In division of day and night.

Every star He has named,
My hairs are numbered too;
How my heart adores my God,
Yea, Lord, how much I love You.

So I shall sing of Your glory
All my life, all my days;
I shall sing of Your love,
My life is a song of Your praise.

Dance I shall in sunshine,
Rejoice I shall with clapping trees;
Live for You I shall, my Lord –
Every moment for You to please.

The highest of the Heavens
Your Presence cannot contain;
Yet in my lowly heart, Jesus,
All the while You do remain.

Yes, You reign, my Beloved,
High in Heaven above;
Yet surely You are near to me,
Surely me You do love.

O, glory of glories:
You, the Son, shine on high.
Glory of glories:
Though far, to me You are nigh.

© 2012 Caroline Gavin

God reigns on high…yet lives in our hearts. How has this truth transformed you? In what ways do you celebrate that you are His temple?

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