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When Seasons Change

When Seasons Change

Guest Post by Mike Fenton of Heart and Soul Health Coaching

     As we approach the fall of the year and the days become shorter it can mean a significant change in the overall state-of-mind for some. For those that are solar-powered (rely on sunshine for energy) it can mean not having as much energy, feeling lethargic and in more severe cases it can lead into depression. We should not let that happen, we should instead focus on the “son-shine”. “Son-shine” is what we get when we have a relationship with our Lord Jesus Christ.

     When we rely on the things in life that we know are ever-changing there will be disappointment, when we rely on the things that do not change (the love of God) there is no disappointment. That is why a healthy soul is equally important in the trilogy of Total Wellness (when mind, body and soul ALL come together as one in good health. In all honesty a healthy soul is the glue that holds it all together and through which we achieve the other two (healthy mind/healthy body).

     Whenever we feel like life is a roller-coaster it is good to audit each portion of our lives in order to tell where this roller-coaster feeling is coming from, is it:

  • The food I am eating (diet rich in sugar, refined carbohydrates, caffeine/alcohol usage)
  • The sleep I am getting (not sleeping well, shift work, environment)
  • Living a stress-filled life


     The point is, the many ups and downs we experience in life can be minimized and or eliminated by simply listening to our body, paying attention to our environment and tying it all together. In some cases you may need/want to start a diary of how your feeling and when. This does not mean just when you are down, but also when you are in good spirit as well.