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Forever Unchanging

Poem: Forever Unchanging

Christian Poem Forever Unchanging

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“To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven…” Ecclesiastes 3:1


There is a season

For all things under the sun;

Yet forever unchanging

Are You, Almighty One.


Trust You may I

When rivers of change flow;

Cling to my hand, my Lord,

Wherever I go.


Comfort my heart

When all transforms ‘round me;

Remind me You are my Rock

For now and all eternity.


For surely like grass

All things will wither away;

Yet forever-enduring

Are the words that You say.


So when the leaves fall,

When flowers lose their bloom,

When sunny days pass

As time’s sands consume,


I will look to You,

To the Sun who does shine,

I will sing of Your light

Ever delightful and divine.


I will cling to Your hand

Wherever I go,

I will rejoice in Your way

Which I follow…


Yea, though there is a season

For all things under the sun,

Yet forever unchanging

Are You, Almighty One.


  © 2013 Caroline Gavin


How blessed we are that God is forever unchanging! How do you celebrate His eternal goodness and love?

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  • http://www.MarianneClements.org/ Marianne Clements

    Yes, all things change except Yahweh! Thank You for the beautiful reminder.
    Have a Victorious Day!