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What is Christian Life Coaching?

What is Christian Life Coaching?

Christian Life Coaching

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“What exactly is Christian Life Coaching, Caroline?”

I hear this often, and it is an excellent question…

In essence, I work with individuals to transform their lives. I do this with a process of helping the client to discern and evaluate what she wants to achieve. We distinguish where the individual is from where she wants to be; we develop a plan with Biblical foundation to move from point A to point B; I follow up with accountability and mind-set checks while moving through the steps of the plan; we re-evaluate goals and steps as needed in the process.

My Christian Life Coaching principles are based upon the Bible, and coaching plans are aligned with God’s Will: loving God first, loving neighbor as self and seeking first God’s Kingdom.

My Christian Life Coaching sessions are customized to each individual by listening to his or her values and goals, determining the specific challenges and the strategies to overcome those challenges, and creating and implementing an individualized action plan.

What is Christian Life Coaching? Caroline Gavin of Purposeful Pathway

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That being said, there is a process I use to guide these steps. Purpose – that is, living on purpose for God’s purpose – is the basis of fruitful, joyful living. For this reason, my 7-step Christian Life Coaching process is based on purpose.

Each of the Purposeful Pathway Life Coaching Programs incorporates the Trademark 7-Step Purposeful Pathway Live-on-P.U.R.P.O.S.E. Process™ :

P – Preparation by clarifying goals

U – Understanding HOW to reach goals through dedicated research

R – Refining goals into smaller steps and daily action steps

P – Practicing goal-supporting habits (and weeding out those which are not)

O – stepping back to Overview periodically and adjust as necessary

S – Simplifying and Systematizing for maximized results

E – Enlisting others and gaining Excellence

This is a bird’s eye view of an in depth process, but it helps to understand how Christian Life Coaching is both intimately individualized while also structured with a powerful process.

A beautiful aspect of Christian Life Coaching – and there are many – is that the client and coach can connect despite distance. Sessions are often conducted by phone. You and I can arrange a program that fits you as determined by our discussion and your defined goals.

The main areas of focus in my Christian Life Coaching practice are:

– > Spiritual Growth

– > Personal Growth

– > Health / Wellness

– > Career /Vocation

– > Parenting

– > Business (Starting / Growing)

– > Relationships

– > Leadership

– > Motivation

To learn more about the Purposeful Pathway Christian Life Coaching programs, I encourage you to visit this page: http://reflecthislight.com/coaching-programs

Also, I offer to you a free one-on-one “Take Me to Transformation” assessment call.

This 25-minute call is valued at $97, but I am offering free sessions for a limited period of time.

In this powerful session you will discover:

  • An awareness of what is causing challenges in your life currently
  • A renewed energy to address these challenges
  • A written “next-step” action plan to overcome these challenges

I encourage you to email me ( caroline@purposefulpathway.com ) today to schedule your bonus call!

What is Christian Life Coaching?

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No task is too big or small for us to undertake. I can help you achieve fitness goals, improve a relationship or discern and pursue a life calling…and apply Biblical principles in all pursuits. The objective in Christian Life Coaching is always God-centered transformation.

I look forward to working with you on your journey with Jesus – to walking with you on your purposeful pathway!