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Guest Post: When One Door Closes

When One Door Closes another Door Opens

Guest Post by Heart and Soul Health Coach Mike Fenton


How frustrating is it when an unexpected turn of events disrupts the daily flow of life? If you said very frustrating don’t feel bad because it is how many folks would have responded as well. Most folks spend a lot of time trying to establish a place in life where they feel comfortable and can start to enjoy some of the basic things such as their home, family and friends. They don’t want their “normality” messed with and who can blame them? It takes a long time to reach a level of comfort in which we feel we can put our feet up, rest, relax and enjoy.

But what happens when the life we know no longer exists? We’ve lost our job, we received a bad report following a recent trip to the doctor, or our children are getting in trouble and not getting the grades they once did? It can be very frustrating and disheartening depending on how we perceive it.

The optimist will tell us don’t worry the glass is half-full, the pessimist will tell us we better worry because the glass is half-empty. But neither one takes notice of the water pitcher right next to the glass which gives us the ability to take control of the situation! We can change the glass to whatever level we want it to be, there are options.

Often we miss the pitcher of water just like we often miss the door that has just opened for us because we’re too focused on the door that has closed, and the longer we remain focused on the door that has closed the bigger the problem seems to become. We must try to remember that even if one door closes, another opens.

There may be a good reason the door closed in the first place, and that new door will open which may lead us to bigger and better things. There is someone that is much more knowledgeable than we are and He has a plan for us. He need not give us a reason why a door has closed and/or why another has opened, He only wants us to have faith and to follow along according to His plan.

So if we experience a door that has been closed, we must remember there may be a reason for it to have happened to us, and it may be beyond our own level of understanding. Instead we must immediately begin to look for the new door that most assuredly will open up, because it is probably the door He wanted us to go through all along.