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Guest Post: Just Another Brick

Just Another Brick in the Wall

Guest Post by Heart and Soul Health Coach Mike Fenton


Image courtesy of Rawich at FreeDigitalPhotos.net

     How easy it is to build a wall around ourselves when we don’t want to deal with the daily problems life presents? Rather than deal with a situation we build a wall to hide behind. From behind the wall we no longer see our problems and once they are out-of-sight, they are out-of-mind. The problem however is even though we no longer see our problems, they are still there. It is only when we face our problems and deal with our problems that they go away.

     We cannot continually add more bricks to the wall thinking we are safe from the daily issues life presents us because at some time we will have to emerge from our haven and when we do, reality will set in. It is always better to keep confronting the issues life puts upon us, if we don’t they will only grow bigger and more difficult to handle.

     If we cannot deal with the occasional problems that arise we must ask ourselves honestly, why am I having such a difficult time facing reality? Why do I run? Why do I hide? Why do I turn to drugs or alcohol to forget when I know my problems are still there? Running, hiding, turning to alcohol and drugs is not the answer and never will be. Faith in God is what we need! When we turn to Him and pray for direction and guidance, and when we turn to Him for inner strength, we will have what we need to deal with life’s obstacles.

     Life also becomes easier when we strive to keep ourselves in good health (mentally, physically and spiritually) we find we have a higher tolerance for what bothers us and what is to come into our future. For instance, when we are in Total Wellness (when mind, body and spirit come together in good health) the things that used to bother us in the past no longer seem to be so bothersome. We find ourselves taking down the walls and telling life, come on, give me your best shot, I am ready.

     When we take down the walls we find the view to be much better as well. We look at life from a much better perspective, our sense of “daily urgency” is not so great and we actually find time to quiet our mind in peace. We have time to enjoy the life we will now have.