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Time for Life

Time for Life

Guest Post by Heart and Soul Health Coach Mike Fenton



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In this fast-paced world we live in, the question arises; “How Can We Find Time for Life”? Finding time to enjoy the many simple things that life provides us can be challenging. We tend to overload our schedules to the point that we feel we don’t have time to get the proper amount of sleep. We must do this or we must do that, leaving us little time for rest…we think. Jesus relaxed, and he never felt guilty about it. Even God took a day off after Creation. Who are we to think we’re too busy to get the proper rest?

When we think we don’t have time for rest and don’t get it what happens next is we become overtired and try to boost our energy level with caffeine, sugar or carbs, which ultimately leaves us more tired and less productive than before. We are in a state where we are less productive and right back where we started from, behind in our work, and not having time for life!

The best way to boost our energy level is to take time to re-energize our mind, body and spirit by taking time for ourselves. Sleep is one way we re-energize, another is practicing time management. Setting aside time for ourselves during the day to go for a walk, turn off the cell phone, and to bring ourselves into the present moment. It is important to take time to feel, smell and touch the things around us. By taking this time we will feel better, have more energy, and be more productive. Meditation can be a great way to re-energize and is something you can do in the office or at home.

You may be thinking to yourself, this sounds good but my day is filled, I just don’t have time! If we begin by taking small time increments for ourselves, and slowly increase those increments over time, we will ultimately find ways to make time for ourselves to re-energize. Once we start feeling better, more rested, and happier, we will see more productivity, and as we become more productive it will free-up more time to take care of ourselves.

By freeing up more time to take care of ourselves, we also will eat better because there will be more time to shop for healthy foods, and more time to cook healthy meals. It will give us more time for life.

“The Mind that is Anxious about Future Events is Miserable”


(4BC – 65AD)