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Bunt or Swing for the Fence?

Bunt or Swing for the Fence?

Guest Post by Heart and Soul Health Coach Mike Fenton


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The pitcher winds-up, the pitch, oh it’s a beauty right down the center of the plate! You think to yourself, this could be a souvenir for someone standing out in the parking lot, but wait, the coach said to lay a bunt down the third baseline. The temptation is there to do what you think is right, however the coach was very specific in what he wanted you to do. Sound familiar? We are constantly being tempted to do what we want and feel is right, while ignoring what is being asked of us. God is very specific in what he wants us to do and very specific in telling us what he does not want us to do. So why do we feel that we know better and don’t live our lives as we are asked to?

Do we feel we know more than God the creator of everything we know and see? Or is it the devil luring us to do what he wants, instead of us following God’s word? Remember the devils conversation with Eve in The Garden of Eden, how he told her that the tree of knowledge was a good tree of fruit and if she ate of it she would become all knowing, like God? How did that work out?

While not following what we have been told may get us a homerun, and it may feel good while running the bases, when we reach the dugout the coach is not going to be happy with us. The same holds true in the words God has spoken to us. The Bible tells us in 1 Peter 1:14 (14) “As obedient children, do not conform to the evil desires you had when you lived in ignorance”. Ignorance is thinking we know better, we do not, and we are fooling ourselves to believe otherwise.

There is only one true coach, our God Almighty, he expects us to live our life according to His word. We must be strong enough in spirit and faith so that we no longer listen to the devils lies telling us to “go ahead do what we want, live how we want, we are the only ones that know what’s best for us”. Those words come from another coach, and he plays for the wrong side!

May Reflection – I am waiting on the direction of my Lord, Jesus Christ. He will guide me all the days of my life.