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Purposeful Pathway Radio: Never Say Impossible

“Never Say Impossible” on Purposeful Pathway Radio


Myra Goldick shares her journey on Purposeful Pathway Radio on September 11th at 1:00 p.m. Eastern Time! Myra overcame a childhood laced with racial discrimination, poverty and disability during the 50’s in New York City. As a child completely paralyzed by polio, Myra was told she would never walk again and that living with it was her only option. After many struggles, several treatments and surgeries, her thinking became clouded by negative emotions an feelings of self-deprivation and self-pity. After hitting rock bottom, she slowly began to recognize her own self-worth. Myra decided fight for her physical and emotional survival. Rejecting the concept that she had limitations was the first step. Through passion, perseverance, and artistic creativity, and by God’s grace, she rose above adversity and developed a life full of love, family, success, accomplishment and prosperity.

Myra is now the host of the ‘Never Say Impossible’ radio show and ‘ The Dancing On Our Disabilities’ show. The “Never say impossible” show focuses on healthcare, story-telling, spirituality, and business trends, while offering great entertainment at the same time. She is an author, a speaker,and an professional artist. Her mission is to motivate, inspire, share other people’s successes and engage the audience through thought-provoking communication. One person’s path to success, when shared with others, can become a method of prosperity for all who choose to listen.

Listen as she shares how to never say inpossible via  [Purposeful Pathway Radio] Never Say Impossible or via the media player below!

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God bless you abundantly and always on your purposeful pathway!