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Guest Post: Papa’s Present

“Papa’s Present” – Guest Post by Diane Landry

I recently read a quote by C.S. Lewis, “Isn’t it funny how day by day nothing changes but when you look back everything is different….”

Oh what a simple, but powerful truth. I have been thinking about it, chewing on it. A young mother may go about her daily activities, day by day. The endless laundry, the never-ending dirty dishes, the vicious cycle of dirty diapers, the house that doesn’t seem clean no matter how hard she tries to keep it tidy, and the list could go on and on.

But with each passing day, though each day is much the same whether an executive, a home manager, or any other work, the daily duties can be much the same, change is taking place, that will be evident when we look back. 

Sometimes when we pray, we almost seem to approach some requests in much the same way each day. The request remains the same, but what is changing is us. We begin to search our hearts. Or we can begin to look on another person with more mercy. 

That’s basically the lesson found in “Papa’s Present,” ordinary people doing ordinary things, just going about their daily lives, but then things change. 

It’s also the sequel to “Granny’s Gift,” which is a redemptive story of a young woman who takes time out of her career to care for her Granny. In the process, she receives more than she gave, her own redemption. It includes a romance for hopeless romantics such as myself.

Very excited that today Author Diane Landry will join the show! Born in Southeast Louisiana, Diane has lived a colorful life, which lends to inspiration and creativity in her writings. Happily married, she has seven amazing children and five precious grandchildren. She grew up in Southeast Louisiana, in the heart of Cajun country. After running away from an abusive past, she quit running and let God heal her. It was a long and sometimes painful journey, mostly because it was just hard to let go. She is thankful that God never let her go. He patiently guided her. And she can honestly say that He has healed all her hurts and pain. She began writing her life story, but felt directed to the idea of “Granny’s Gift,” which is her first Christian fiction. The sequel,”Papa’s Present,” is now available for pre-release sale.


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