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Guest Post: The Trust Shelter

Poetic Guest Post by Pastor FS Bhatti


Pastor FS Bhatti of theTrust Shelter, based in Pakistan, has been working for Lord Jesus Christ for last twelve years on arranging free summer Bible Camps, seminars and conferences for spiritual development. The Trust Shelter blesses others spiritually, morally, and ethically in order to be confident in faith and in order to stand for the Lord’s second coming. Pastor Bhatti shares spiritual poetry in the guest post below. Pastor Bhatti also translates books from English to Urdu for easy understanding in Pakistan. Please visit the Trust Shelter for ministry and translation services at http://shelterorgpak.weebly.com/.


Poem “Deception” written  By Pastor FS Bhatti
Purpose of Delilah  Blinding but deceiving
Purpose of world  Greening garden but deceiving  
Purpose of Jacob Receiving but deceiving
Purpose of Jezebel   Believing but deceiving
Purpose of Robber on Cross  Believing but receiving
Purpose of Prince of peace Seeding but bleeding 


Critical Summary of Poem “Deception” 
•    It is famous story of Old Testament “Samson and Delilah” How she did come purposely to “Samson” to deceive and she blinded his eyes for anger of his mother and king.  •    The world shows green garden first of all but inwardly deceive.  •    Jacob, Brother of Esau, Isaac loved Esau but his mother loved Jacob, she prepared him to deceive his father and his brother Esau to get blessing of his father Isaac.   •    Jezebel spirit is in Revelation of St. John in New Testament, spiritual polluted women who believes but deceives like Ahab’s of old testament had same belief  •    Along with Jesus there was two more cross, on both were robbers and murderers, one of Robber accepted Jesus Christ as King by believing and receiving paradise by faith on cross at that moment.  •    Prince of peace, Lord of Lords and King of Kings is title of Lord Jesus Christ who came according to prophesies of prophets into this world for sinner and wrecked lives. In His holy love sow seeding righteousness in this world but he was crossed for not mixing up with world under their controls of that system. He did sow seeds of righteous, liberty, love, forgiveness. But he himself is blooded on cross without any sin and mistakes. 



Poem “Hope” is written By Pastor FS Bhatti 
In world of trouble where no hope In world of depression where no rope In world of blood shed where non stop In world of friendship where is loop In front of brutality  Where always loop, cop In world of hopelessness Where always stop     In world of Jesus Christ  Where always hope, rope



Critical Summary of Poem “Hope”  •    After sin of Eve, wife of Adam because of Satan, there was troubles every where. Adam had been separated from presence of God. Earth had been cursed because of their sin. Satan is trouble shooter in the garden through Adam and Eve until today. There had been no hope.  •    Without God, this world is place of demons every where, full of depression. Rope symbolize mediator who can help Adam again to come into presence of God.  •    Because of cursed earth of whole world, first murdered of Abel took place by Cain. God spoke with Cain from heaven; blood of your brother is calling ME from earth. Where is your brother what Cain said, I am not responsible of him. Then blood shed had been continual until today as non stop.  •    Friendship is precious gifts of God who had sincere heart for other friend like Jesus Christ who shed his holy blood for us, but it become loop with selfishness as written Micah 7: 5 •    In front of brutality in this world, no one can escape from loop and cop.  •    During 4000 years, God had been sending prophet in this world to warn and alert people from sinful world and destruction even in age of Noah whole world had been destroyed with hopelessness because of their sins. God always stopped on sin to bless the world.  •    In world of Jesus Christ, where is hope and rope. From First Adam, sin came into this world and separation of man and God but second Adam, Jesus Christ brought salvation and reconciliation man to God as mediator into this world, and we all find in Christ hope and rope in presence of Holy creator God. 


Poem “Find the Mind” is written by Pastor FS Bhatti
When multitudes of thought  come in mind
Root of causes which blinds the mind 
Spirit and Flesh are different  which rewinds opposite find 
Which rewinds mind patient of physiology blind?
Which rewinds mind nature of person find
Nature of person finds where regrets bind
Which remind thoughts? These rewinds opposite find
Sheep is lost in darkness but found in Savior’s find





Poem “Is evil, good” written

by Pastor FS Bhatti


King’s blood shed

then why evil is head


Health came on sick bed

Then why head is red


Sadness into happiness of bud

But why innocent’s blood shed


Dark of wickedness is like mud

Then why evil is head


Who make good as an evil?

Then why evil is head



Poem “Storm” written by Pastor F S Bhatti
Storm fear in the river hope  rear but in shiver faith  tear but  the leaver  mountain bear but in shiver woke up Dear but deliver  storm sear of unbeliever sever



Poem “Voice of voiceless” written  By Pastor FS Bhatti 
Christ is the voice of voiceless His blood is the price of priceless 

His word is the sight of sightless

Everlasting hope of hopeless Sound for soundless Ground for groundless 

Bound limit as limitless 

Lost but found from Mess  


Poem “Feeling” written By Pastor FS Bhatti
Feeding or feeling of what kind Seeding or weeding of what mind Wheeling or reeling but what rewind Heeding or reading but what bind Steeling but dealing of what blind weeping with deeding of what find Vicious has no peace of what wind


Poem “Grace” written  By Pastor FS Bhatti 
How beloved are to whom you trace But I am nothing without your grace Royal family of Christ is my trace  I will be base having your lace. Hope of eternal life is your grace  Life of the children is my base  But I am broken vessel of race




Poem “Fight” written  By Pastor FS Bhatti 
Life spent in fighting of faith  Life spent in biting of bait  Don’t know where fate is     

Pain in heart of eternal life  But fighting again fighting 

Biting again biting  Don’t know when without plight

But with faith in His might  on wrong path how i am right on right path

Jesus is in sight