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You are a Catalyst for Change

You are a Catalyst for Change

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Guest Post by Ann Musico of 3D Vitality Health Coaching

Do you consider yourself a catalyst for change?  As women, we fulfill so many roles – wife, mother, sister, daughter, friend, employee, business owner, entrepreneur!  What I think we fail to realize all too often is just how many people are “watching” us and how much of an impact we can make.

As mothers we know our children watch what we do more closely than they listen to what we say.  In fact if those two things do not agree, they will follow our actions before they listen to our words.  It’s true in all of life.  People are looking for someone who is authentic and walks the talk.

It’s especially true in health. If I tell my children soda is bad for them and I don’t want them drinking it, but they see me go through several liters a day – why should they do what I say?  If I am your health coach and I tell you I will help you lose weight and get healthy, but I am overweight and sick because I am not following my own advice – why would you? 

We, as women, are usually the primary influencers of our families.  We are usually the ones who shop, cook, prepare meals and care for the children.  (I know there are exceptions to this.)  Begin at home.  Simply by modeling healthy habits for your own children you could impact so many more because other children will be impacted by yours. 

What if, like me, your children are grown and out of the house?  You are a generational influencer!  The example you have set and habits you have instilled in your children are bearing fruit in their lives and they are impacting other people, including their own families.

Just by doing your best to provide and prepare the healthiest meals possible and modeling healthy habits in your small slice of the world, whether that is home, office or school, can impact many more people than you could’ve ever imagined. 

Join me here often and be refreshed and encouraged.  I want you to know that what you do matters.  I am here to help you to be the most powerful catalyst for change in your world. Visit my website here and find free resources as well as coaching and evaluations that will empower, educate and encourage you.


Ann Musico is a holistic health coach who considers the whole person, as well as an independent nutritional consultant. She is also a practitioner member of Shared Care and an expert listed on SelfGrowth.com.  Follow her on Twitter and Facebook. She is also a Top Health Blogger on Wellsphere,  a Founding Member of IMPACT – International Membership of  Professional Advisers, Coaches and Trainers and a member of Global Institute of Wellness  Entrepreneurs.  Read her profile on Brand Yourself here.