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Soaring in Spirit

Soaring in Spirit Poem by Caroline Gavin of Purposeful Pathway Coaching

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Soaring in Spirit


“…but they who wait for the Lord shall renew their strength;

    they shall mount up with wings like eagles;

they shall run and not be weary;

    they shall walk and not faint.” Isaiah 40:31


Soaring so high,

Flying so free,

The vast world below

Now I see,


Amidst the clouds,

Close to the sun,

In the arms

Of the Eternal One,


Up with the birds,

In soul-freeing flight,

My heart beating

With rhythmic delight,


This is how I feel,

Pure, strong, free;

This is how I feel

Because You love me.


So my heart soars

To the heavens it seems,

Sweeter than sweetest

Of all my dreams.


To You, my Jesus,

My heart I give,

For to fly toward heaven

Is for You to live.


To new heights

Each day You bring,

My soul flies free,

My heart does sing.


Blissful, beautiful,

Divine, rich and true

Is the love I feel

Flowing from You.


So amidst the clouds,

Close to the Son,

Safe in the arms

Of the Eternal One,


I am soaring so high,

Flying so free,

Because my sweet Jesus

Is here with me.

© 2013 Caroline Gavin

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How do you experience soaring in Spirit?
What are some ways Jesus allows you to fly free?


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  • http://www.MarianneClements.org/ Marianne Clements

    Beautiful poem. I always wanted to fly and I guess one day I really will. I can certainly soar in the spirit for now!
    God Bless You!