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Network for Success

 [Purposeful Pathway Radio] Network for Success


In the Main Article below, I share with you details of the Purposeful Pathway Radio show today titled “Network for Success.” Join us live or via the archive!

Also below, you can share Feedback and read What Others are Saying about Purposeful Pathway.

The Purposeful Pathway Biz Assignment will allow you to reap more rewards on your path.

God’s blessings to you on your Purposeful Pathway!


What Others are Saying
John Lee, MCSA, CCNA,
Network Engineer at BEMA IT:
“Simply put, Caroline is amazing.
Through her work as a Master Certified Life Coach
she shows people how to progress
in life on the right path for them.
As you read her writings, you realize
how knowledgeable she is in her field.
Her poetry is very creative and shows
the depth of her compassion for others. She is a true inspiration.
She is our ‘Angel on Earth.'” 



Main Article

[Purposeful Pathway Radio] Networking for Success 


Purposeful Pathway Radio is a haven for faith-based entrepreneurs.

It is a journey in which faith and business gracefully intertwine.

It is a pathway paved with purpose, peace and passion.



The guests on the show will share insights for faith-based business;

they will also share inspiration from their spiritual journeys.

My hope is that, in listening, your businesses will grow

and your lives will be enriched.

My prayer is that these personal messages will allow

God’s peace, love and joy to pave your purposeful pathways.


I am delighted that John Freeborn will join the show

on April 24th at 1:00 p.m. EDT.

John is an International award-winning business development

and networking professional with more than 30 years experience.


John Freeborn shares on Purposeful Pathway Radio


John Freeborn


John has multi-industry sector experience on domestic and international projects.

John has also worked considerably with businesses on private and government contracts.

He has been engaged with many levels of management

and has significant domestic and international funding experience.

John has provided lectures and training modules

for domestic and international businesses,

universities, trade organizations and government agencies for over a decade

in foreign direct investment, export/import,

export/import finance, general business finance,

quality programs, business development, internship development and more.

John has traveled to 35 countries encompassing every major continent.


Along the way he has learned many business and

social traditions that have expanded his understanding of many cultures.

He is a self-published author and has written four business-related books.

All of his books are available at no cost.


He offers his experience and knowledge freely

so others may benefit from his experience.

John has also been a contributor to numerous publications.

He is an active member of Faith Church St. Louis

and has served on numerous not for profit boards in the region

and continues to promote the interests of social responsibility.

John has two sons, one grandson and is expecting his first granddaugher in July.


John will share business strategies,

specifically how to network for success and for God’s glory!


Join us in the journey Wednesday, April 24th at 1:00 p.m. Eastern Time:

John Freeborn shares on Purposeful Pathway Radio



As always, if you cannot join live you can enjoy the archive:  www.Purposeful Pathway Radio.com 


Your Purposeful Pathway Biz Assignment
  1. Write down three networking events that would best benefit your business.
  2. Reach out to three potential clients by phone.
  3. Contact three centers of influence and, if local, arrange an in-person meeting.



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