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Heartfelt Praise

Heartfelt Praise for Heart-Centered Business Academy – and a Free Hair Care Guide!


The members of Heart-Centered Business Academy completed their seven-week journey! We enjoyed a fun and fruitful time during our travels!



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The Heart-Centered Business Academy will launch again later this year; but, if you are ready to enjoy the phenomenal transformation that comes in applying 7-Step Live on P.U.R.P.O.S.E. Process™ right now, I encourage you to enjoy the Heart-Centered Business Academy Home Study Program at the introductory price of $17.




Over 40 days you will walk through:


  • P – Preparation by clarifying goals
  • U – Understanding HOW to reach goals through dedicated research
  • R – Refining goals into smaller steps and daily action steps
  • P – Practicing goal-supporting habits (and weeding out those which are not)
  • O – stepping back to Overview periodically and adjust as necessary
  • S – Simplifying and Systematizing for maximized results
  • E – Enlisting others and gaining Excellence


The $17 investment is a fraction of the investment for the Heart-Centered Business Academy group coaching program, and this introductory price will end soon.


To learn more, read testimonials and register, visit

[Home Study] Heart-Centered Business Academy



Darlene Alexander of Pureity Hair Care www.bestwigsinsacramento.com shares her heartfelt praise for Heart-Centered Business Academy:


“Incredible!!! Caroline is an awesome coach! The Business Academy has helped me to set reasonable goals and to remain focused on those goals until they are accomplished. If you’re ready to move to the next level in your business, I highly recommend this academy.”

To learn more and read other testimonials, visit [Home Study] Heart-Centered Business Academy


Darlene has made powerful movement on her journey while being a part of the Academy. One of her projects has been an excellent Hair Care Guide. You can learn more about the Guide here:



“We’ve been in business for almost five years, but it’s no other time than now that we believe we’ll make such a great impact on people’s lives whose looking for healthy and REAL hair care solutions. Although we as a company offer a hair care line called Pure’ity, a set of premium hypoallergenic shampoos and conditioners that bring incredible results for your hair, what good is just using hair products if you don’t have the knowledge on taking care of your own hair? You can simply put shampoo and conditioner into your hair weekly, but still have hair problems.


There are still many people having hair problems today. This is why we decided to provide a small but EFFECTIVE hair care guide. We’re very confident that it’ll help you to “Obtain Beautiful, Healthy Hair in 7 weeks or less.” It’s a small blueprint to your basic hair care needs, and is actually a sampler for you to read before you view our upcoming eBook, which will contain much more information.


The great thing about this guide, is that we’re giving this to you absolutely FREE!!! Also, just like all of our future hair care content, we plan to provide updates to this guide within the coming months. So through your feedback and shared results, we can work to improve this guide for future readers.


To sign up and receive your FREE Hair Care Guide today, just simply sign up through the link below, and start having the beautiful, healthy hair you deserve!!!


Click on this link to register and receive your FREE GUIDE to obtain beautiful, healthy hair TODAY!”


Thank you, Darlene, for your heartfelt testimonial of Heart-Centered Business Academy, and may God’s blessings continue to abound to you!

Thank you, everyone, for traveling with me on this Purposeful Pathway!