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Do You Need a Fashion Update?

Do You Need a Fashion Update Health Coach Ann Musico

Guest Post by Ann Musico: Do You Need a Fashion Up-Date?


The basis of my 3D Living Program is that we are tri-part beings:  we are spirits, we have a soul (mind, will and emotions) and we live in this physical body.

I know quite a few women who are extremely fashion conscious (including my daughter) and very knowledgeable about good clothing brands.  I don’t happen to be one of those so when they mention certain high end brand names – I have no idea what they are talking about.

However, I know when you spend a lot of money on an expensive designer outfit, you treat it differently than you would your sister’s (or brother’s) old hand-me-downs.  You are careful not to drip pizza sauce on it and if it requires dry cleaning you wouldn’t think of throwing it in the wash with your sweats.

Well, do you give as much thought to how you treat your physical body?  Most of us do not.  We put any old junk in them and expect them to not only run well, but to last us 80 or 90 years!  Most of us tend to treat these earth suits like cheap hand-me-downs, rather than the exquisitely fashioned, unique, one-of-a-kind designer originals they truly are.

If you are guilty of that – take a few minutes to thank God for the beautiful job He did in creating your body and then make a sincere effort to take better care of it.  It’s the only one you get!


Ann Musico is a 3D Living coach.  She educates, encourages and empowers people to improve their health, spirit, soul and body by providing them with options, access to resources and products and practical information so they can take responsibility for their own health and make informed decisions.  Her purpose is to make getting healthy simple and achievable. 


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  • http://www.VictoryChristianCoaching.com/ Marianne Clements

    Great analogy!

    Have a Victorious Day!

    • http://PurposefulPathway.com/ Caroline Gavin

      I agree completely: Ann provided a great analogy!
      Thanks so much for your comment and encouragement!

      God’s blessings of peace and joy to you, dear sister!