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Purposeful Pathway Affiliate Program

Purposeful Pathway Affiliate Program



Much gratitude to you, my fellow Pathway traveler! 


As you have probably gathered by now, I am very passionate about helping people live with joy, purpose and prosperity – – and, in particular, helping Christian “heart-centered” entrepreneurs set up their businesses, attract ideal clients, package services and systematize efforts so they can enjoy fun, fruitful and profitable businesses.


The great news is YOU can be paid by this! I am excited to roll out the Purposeful Pathway Affiliate Program.


Once you register via the form below, I will create affiliate links specifically for you. If someone purchases coaching products or services through one of your links, I will pay you an affiliate fee. I view this as a win-win-win: a win for you, a win for me and, most importantly, a win for those who sign up for transformation.
Whether or not you have your own business and web site, you can benefit from this affiliate program. You can share the links via email, social media or other venues
with your friends, family and colleagues.


Affiliates currently earn:

  • 15% on the one-on-one coaching programs
  • 20% on the group coaching programs
  • 30% on the home-study coaching programs


Join the journey and reap the rewards! Simply register below.


Purposeful Pathway


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Click HERE for Purposeful Pathway Affiliate Program Terms and Agreement.

God’s abundant blessings to you on your Purposeful Pathway!