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Purposeful Pathway Radio is a haven for heart-centered entrepreneurs. It is a pathway on which to embrace God’s message of peace, love and joy. It is a journey in which faith and business gracefully intertwine. The guests on Purposeful Pathway Radio share not only heart-centered business tips but also inspiration from their journeys with Jesus.

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I am excited and honored that tomorrow, March 6th, Peter Ferguson will join the show. Peter has worked at eBay for over 12 years and has been able to travel the world. His passions are people, development leadership, family and finding your passion. He shares his insights – and his heart – on his blog learnactshare.com. He will share tips from his business as well as inspiration from his journey on the show tomorrow at 1:00 p.m. EST.

Peter Ferguson


Join us in the journey at 1:00 p.m. EST via Purposeful Pathway Radio or by calling into the live show: 347.677.0662.

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May God bless you always on your Purposeful Pathway!


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Celebration of Creation Poem by Caroline Gavin of Purposeful Pathway Coaching

 Image courtesy www.freedigitalphotos.net

Reborn in Christ


“Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation. The old has passed away; behold, the new has come.” ~ 2 Corinthians 5:17


Quiet contemplation,

Meditation in the morn,

Savoring Your presence,

In You I am reborn.


Rays of sunlight

Glimmer through the trees,

Whispers of eternity

Dance on the leaves.


In these morning hours

I hear and see You;

Here in the dawn

My spirit You renew.


So as the sun rises,

As the day does unfold,

As the sun rays melt away

The dark night cold,


I offer myself to You

My Jesus, in all things;

I offer You my heart,

As for You it ever sings.


Fill me with Your Spirit,

This day and every day;

Show to me Your will,

Lead me on Your way.


As the faithful sun

Does every morning rise,

You I faithfully follow,

You are my portion and prize.


As the warmth of the sun

Brings life to the earth,

I embrace Your sweet love,

Love bringing rebirth.


As the still morning

Leads to bright noonday,

I follow Your light, Lord,

For You are the Way.


As rays of sunlight

Glimmer through each tree,

You whisper of eternity

To delight and comfort me.


Yes, rebirth I see now,

As the sun shines in the morn;

So too in Your heart, Jesus,

I am eternally reborn.


© 2013 Caroline Gavin

How do you celebrate your rebirth in Christ?

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[Launching Tuesday] Break the Broken Record

Break the Broken Record!

Rob Clinton and I are thrilled that the Break the Broken Record group coaching program launches Tuesday, March 5th!

We had a fun and fruitful time in our three-part Teleseminar series, and we look forward to working with you to “Break the Broken Record” once and for all this year!

Continue reading to learn more and / or register for this powerful program!


How can I make this My Best Year?

Keep reading if you’re ready for change…

If you’re ready to finally live a year that you can look back on and say,

“WOW! That year was awesome!”


A Personal Message from the Break the Broken Record Crew:

This is Caroline Gavin of Purposeful Pathway and Rob Clinton of 180 Career Coaching! To complement our recent Teleseminar series on Breaking the Broken record we have scheduled a group coaching class. We discovered this was a necessary step, as people want to make their goals happen and watch their dreams come to life!

We finalized everything, and we have the tools and the process to help you succeed and get you to where you want to be.

You will be coached by two experienced professionals who empathize completely with you — as we have been stuck where you are at right now. We encourage you, as we have a way to pull you out and to start making things happen!

People may ask, “Can I really live a fulfilling life and career and still make great money?” Yes: without a shadow of doubt, you can.

We tend to live life in a vacuum, consuming the resources of life without any intention of how to use them to grow, to improve or to move forward.

By paying attention to that which we surround ourselves – such as people, books, places, events, and ideas – everything unfolds accordingly. At this point, our goals no longer seem far from reach; at this point we know how to leverage the things that will propel us forward. These things are closer within our grasps than most of us realize!

There is tremendous power in leverage, in relationships, in deciding what you want, in creating the game plan and in taking action.

Master these, and you open the doors…WIDE OPEN! You find a phenomenal playground of opportunity when you pay attention to those basic principles and actually live your dreams. In choosing to own your path, you create your path.

Now is the time to break the broken record. Now is the time to let go of living the dreams of others and to start living authentically.

Now is the time to own our paths, come alive and make things happen!

________________________________________________ __________________________________

If you would like to listen to the 3-Part Teleseminar series we hosted for FREE, visit Break the Broken Record Teleseminar Series!

How many of these things are already true for you?

  • You are tired of your job and want new direction.
  • Something unexpected has happened, such being laid off, and you want to use this time to create real purpose in your new career.
  • You are seeking more meaning and fulfillment in the work you do.
  • You are fed up with living paycheck to paycheck, and you are ready to build a life without ceilings.
  • You feel trapped by worldly expectations and know there has got to be more.
  • You are ready to live out your dreams, visions, purpose and calling.
  • You are ready to begin living passionately.
  • You are ready to take life to the next level through your personal purpose and calling.
  • You are driven for change and really want to make this next season matter.
  • You know what you want but need to figure out a way to map it out that you may live it out.
  • You have found a sudden and unwelcomed change in your life.
  • You desire a deeper spiritual truth in all roles you live out.
  • You want to live intelligently, expand your skills, knowledge, resources, and wisdom.
  • Circumstances have a created an unfamiliar area for you, and you are ready to get clear on your next steps.
  • You seek more confidence and passion in what you do.
  • You seek a more vibrant and healthier lifestyle
  • You desire deeper and meaningful relationships, a better sense of community and a stronger service attitude to live your vocation.

If you answered YES by checking any one of these situations, then keep reading! All it takes is just ONE of these to throw you off balance, and all it takes is one decision to push everything back on course and make this the best year ever!

Let us help you create real Goals and a Pathway to these Goals…leading forward to the best year of your life!


Question you might ask, “Does Goal Setting Actually Work?”

The 2 biggest things that people fear before setting goals are:

1. They fear that they will not complete their goals.

Much of the fear from setting goals comes from the emptiness of not completing them before. Sometimes goals are compared to New Years resolutions, yet these are two different things. Resolutions are a hope that something can happen, and they come with a pre-completion celebration. We tend to celebrate resolutions and feel a sense of accomplishment and affirmation before setting out to complete the resolutions.

A goal, on the other hand, is not just hope. It is a knowing, with objectives, the measurable benchmarks of success as well as a solid timeline. It is specific, it knows where it is going, and it will get there so it can celebrate upon achievement.

Resolutions gratify the moment while goals are delayed gratification and thus will actually bring you higher chances of winning.

2. They feel trapped by goals, as though it limits their freedom.

One of the biggest myths is that goals will trap us into not experiencing life to the fullest. This is a mistaken paradigm. Goals do not trap; on the contrary, they create freedom. They allow us move freely toward the tomorrow we desire. A goal is only a trap when it is someone else’s and not our own.


“Well that’s nice…but how does this put money in my pocket?”

This is where much of the planning takes place! By knowing what you want, knowing what you do well, and knowing how others hunger for what you do, we create an economic model that supports what you do well.

It doe not make sense to go after a career that will not earn you any dollars. The economic structure is developed in the planning process.

We will build the economic system that best fits you and your endeavor so you can be free to live and do what you love!

____________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________ ____________________________

Interested? Well, we want to help you!

Investing in our personal growth is an important step to success. What are you willing to do to get to where you want to be? Do you know where you want to be? Do you know how to get there? If so, what is stopping you?

You have the power to decide if you truly desire it and how far are you willing to go to achieve it! If you made a small investment in your personal growth to become a better achiever, in order to help set you on a path to increase your income this year by even $5,000, maybe $10,000, just ask yourself, “Is that worth it?”

Now really think about that question. This could be the most important decision that you ever make!

Before you go out and exchange your life for a paycheck in just another JOB or give up a lot of your time, energy, and money on your next degree, let’s first come together and create an actual Plan of Action. This Plan will be meaningful and will lead you to true fulfillment…and to freedom!

So, yes, it IS time to Break the Broken Record! It’s time to come alive and let the world recognize the blessings you share and the blessing you are!

____________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________ ____________________________

Here’s what you get?

  • Seven Weekly 60 minute sessions beginning March 5th at 7pm. (Bonus: Receive the audio files to all of these coaching calls.)
  • Two very experienced life and career coaches who have the passion and drive to help you win.
  • Private online forum for all members of our group where we can interact, discuss ideas, challenge each other, review each others work, ask questions, begin discussion, and build off of each other’s success. (I’ve heard Dan Miller say, “The rising tide lifts all boats.”)
  • A one-hour personal coaching session with us outside of the group at anytime during the program. (Bonus: Receive the audio files to all of these coaching calls.)
  • Recommended resources and suggestions for helping you move forward.
  • Free Downloadable Access to 40-Day Devotional eBook “Purposeful Pathway
  • Free Downloadable Access to eBook “Purposeful Pathway: A Journey to Joy
  • Free Downloadable Access to eBook “7 Steps to Living on P.U.R.P.O.S.E.
  • Free Downloadable Access to PDF “180 Degrees to an Exceptional Career”.
  • Free Downloadable Access to PDF “Progressive 180 Career Campaigning Report”.
  • Free Downloadable Access to PDF “Awaken the Chief In You”.
  • Free Downloadable Access to Audio Book “Thank God it’s Motivation.”
  • Free DISC Personality Profile Assessment
  • Ongoing e-mail support from the coaches for up to 3 months!

Here’s what we cover…

We will walk hand-in-hand through a three-part series of Self-Discovery, Strategic Planning and Implementation. We will discover your purpose, develop a vision, and put a simplified detailed action plan in place that we can launch. Below are brief descriptions of the three stages.

  • Stage 1: Inventory, Visioning, & Goal Setting – Here we will identify your strengths, talents, values, dreams, passions, personality tendencies; we will feed those into your life goals. Your life and career goals are discovered by understanding YOU first. Your career path is a reflection of the life that you want to live. Once we know you, your attributes, your primary place in this world and what you desire in life, we will uncover your career goals and begin to prime those specifically.
  • Stage 2: Strategic Break Down – Once we have vision, we create objectives, goals, and identifiable benchmarks. This is a simplifying process in which we make even the most impossible ideal something that is tangible. Objectives turn into specific strategies of attainments, and those strategies will turn into goals that we can target from a much more realistic perspective.
  • Stage 3: Implementation & Accountability – Once we have a plan, we will launch the plan and gather resources along the way. You can use the discussion forum and your group for accountability throughout the process as well as your individual coaching session. This is your plan and, whether individually or through the group, we are going to help you. We will make sure you get the resources that you need to help you succeed! From your strengths down to the deepest core of who you are, after identifying what success is to you, we create a simple but direct career/business implementation plan that we will launch. We will identify your vision, identified objectives, key strategies and specific attainable goals and then launch YOUR plan!

Arrow - Blue

Why this opportunity is Unique?

Icon - Right Arrow GreenYou receive ongoing training, coaching and a full mastermind to grow with even beyond our coaching sessions.

Icon - Right Arrow GreenYour group can remain together for as long as you wish in using our discussion forum.

Icon - Right Arrow GreenYou get not just one but TWO experienced and well-endorsed career and life coaches who are working together for your success.

Icon - Right Arrow GreenYou receive a FREE individual coaching session.

Icon - Right Arrow GreenYou receive a wealth of downloadable, powerful resources for your journey AND any new additional workflows and processes we develop along the way that are specific for you.

Icon - Right Arrow GreenYou receive access to many of the resources that we use for your own career and life implementation.

Icon - Right Arrow GreenYou receive a strategic plan that works AND the opportunity to build the confidence and passion to help drive that passion.

Icon - Right Arrow GreenYou receive the chance to learn how you can love what you do and make money doing it!

________________________________________________________________ ____________________

Are you ready to say that this year was absolutely the best year of your life?

Are you ready to stop repeating those years of broken promises to yourself and make some serious changes?

It’s time to come alive! It’s time to break the broken record and make history…

People have done it! We are here to help YOU come alive and positively create a difference in your own life as well as those you serve.

Arrow - Yellow

Here’s how you get started!

We only have 10 Spots in each group coaching session, so we encourage you to sign on as soon as you can! Yes, that’s right: 10 spots. We keep the group small, because of the personal interaction between everyone, the relationships that are formed and the synergy that is developed. We have discovered there is a lot of power in these things.


Your Investment…

This is an in-depth coaching process, and we would typically charge individuals $4500 for this coaching package. But we want to make this as accessible as possible. This is no walk in the park; this is an investment in a life-changing experience. Together we are going to make that happen.

This 7 weeks of coaching sessions,

3 months total of ongoing going support and lifetime access to your group mastermind can be purchased for a flat rat of:




(Three Monthly Automated Payments)

Special Announcement!

To Get Started, simply click the “Sign up Now” button below to fill out the intake form…and off we go! Once you complete and submit the form, you will receive a welcome e-mail with full instructions and next steps…

Sign Up Now - Button Orange


This is a coaching program that is shaped for you, and we have the fire and drive the help you succeed.

James Belasco in the book, “Coaching for Leadership” tells us, “A productive coaching relationship begins with two people with fires in their bellies: one who wants desperately to move forward and another who yearns to help that person make the journey.”

Let’s come together and make this year simply awesome!

Dan Miller Career Coach and Best Selling Author, Wisdom meets Passion says, “Rob is an accomplished coach, writer and speaker. He can gently help you see new ways of thinking and moving towards goals that you may now think are impossible. You will find that Rob brings a wealth of enthusiasm and insight to the coaching process as he guides you through the process of overcoming obstacles.”



Ann Musico of http://www.threedimensionalvitality.com  shares, “Caroline is an insightful, expert, Master Certified Life Coach who can help you get your life on track in all areas! She is extremely knowledgeable but even more than that she has the ability to give you practical, real-life advice that you can use immediately. Her integrity is beyond reproach – I would never hesitate to use her again or to recommend her. From the moment you first contact Caroline, you sense she is committed to your success and the results bear that out.”

To see more testimonials about either Caroline or Rob just click one of the logos below:

Enjoy Inspirational eCards

Free Inspirational Christian eCards

I invite you to enjoy free eCards created by Misty’s Lighthouse with my poetry. I trust these Christian cards will brighten and bless your days…and those of your loved ones!

Many thanks, from my heart to yours, for sharing the Purposeful Pathway journey with me!

Inspirational Christian Cards

Image courtesy www.freedigitalphotos.net
Old Beacon by Evgeni Dinev

Like a Child

Pure in Heart

He Loved Us First

I Loved You from the Start

Your Voice


All to You, Jesus

Day by Day

Forever Rejoice

Lamb of God

Giver of Good Things

Let Us Praise Him

God’s Graces

Sparrow’s Song

Blessed Lent

Lord, How Can It Be?

Horizon Bright

Sweet Grace

Guide Me

Smile in Sonshine

Jesus, Your Love

In My Heart

Song of Joy

Journey with Jesus

Forever Joyful

Dance with Joy

Tapestry of Nature

Morning Glory

All Things

Come Follow Me

Sacred Heart

Do Not Be Troubled

In All God’s Glory


Crown You Infinitely

Warmth of Winter

Sweet Comfort

Joy of Joys

Poetic Prayer for Connecticut Tragedy

Love All-Consuming

Summer in My Soul

Closer to You, Lord

I Trust in You

Wisdom of Winter

Jesus Holds the Key to Heaven

Rays of Hope

Always I Am with You

Lord, How I Love You

No Matter What

Praise His Name

All For Good

Christ Lives in Me

Path of Life

My Song for You

Lord, How I Love You

Glory to You, God

Grace Abounds

Your Will Be Done

To You I Draw Nigh

Silence of the Morn

Precious You Are

More Than Life

More Like You

Winter Graces

New Year Prayer

Winter Winds

Humbled before the Lord


All You Do

Your Presence

Child of God

Jesus is Love

Divine Mercy

Giving Thanks

Winter Chill


You Will Save

All of the World

Come, Lord Jesus

Flame of Love

The Harvest

Veterans Day Prayer


Thanksgiving and Praise

How Much Do I Love You?

I Offer Myself to You

All Things You Make New

Jesus is the Answer

Jesus Loves Me

Who Am I?

Silent and Still

All You Are

One Name

Safe in the Storm

I Am With You, Child

Cast Your Cares

Jesus Christ

Thy Word is a Lamp

Sing to God

My Rock and My Fortress

The LORD is My Rock

Thank You, Jesus

Jesus, King of Kings

Kingdom of Heaven

Breath of Life


Peace, Sweet Peace

My Heart is Your Dwelling

Morning Breeze

Gentle Rain

God Will Make a Way

Sing Praises

Bloom in Christ

God’s Presence

Living Sacrifice

Dancing Leaves

Morning Sunrise

My Strength and My Shield

Agape Love

Victory in Jesus

In All Things

Free Gift of God

My Gifts to You

God is Love

A New Heart

The LORD Will Provide

Precious Peace

Symphony on Son-light

Draw Near to GOD

Rejoice in Rebirth

In Awe of Autumn

Burst Into Song

Take Up Your Cross

Immeasurably More

Shine Like A Star

My Peace I Give You

Better Than Life

The Beauty of Fall

Goodness and Mercy

Filled with the Lord’s Glory

Everywhere: You Are There

Labor Day Blessing

Your Unfailing Love

All Things For Good

Faithful are the Seasons

Joy in Your Presence

Make Music in Your Heart to the Lord

Your Masterpeice

The Truth Will Set You Free

The Lord is My Rock

Glory, Glory, Glory

Lord, I Came to Talk to You

My Heart Beats for You, Lord

Humbled before the Lord

Do Not Be Anxious, My Child

On My Knees

Take My Hand

Taste and See

I Am the Way

Nothing Can Separate Us

My Hand in Yours

Celebrate Jesus

My Word Will Not Return Void

Jesus Saves

God is Good

Commit to the Lord

Jesus Saves

Be Still (and Know I Am GOD)

Sweet Jesus


Plans I Have for You

Always Here

Jesus Holds the Key

Thy Word is a Lamp

Holy, Holy, Holy

A Single Seed

All For You

Treasures in Heaven

Jesus: Bread of Life

You Raise Me Up

In God’s Time

Amazing Grace

We Need Jesus

Book of Life

Jesus Loves Me

The Bird’s Song


Jesus is Lord

The World in His Hand

The Beauty of You

Greet My Savior Sweet

Praise the Lord

Golden Stairway

Footprints in the Sand

Soft Whisper of the Son

The Lord’s Comfort

When We Grieve

The Sun Still Shines

Jesus is the Lighthouse

Independence Day

Here I Am, Lord

Forever Yours

Your Love for Me

Triumph in the Trial

Grace Upon Grace

Stairway to Heaven

Summer Son~shine

Purposeful Pathway

Nature’s Symphony

Since I Met You, Jesus

My Jesus

Memorial Day Prayer

Beautiful Mother

Father’s Day Song

Glory to God

Mother: Lovely and True

More Than I Long For

Joy of Jesus

Light of the Lord

Fellowship with the Father

My Lord, My Shepherd

Wondrous Wedding

Limitless Love of the Lord

A Rose in Bloom

Dawning Light of Jesus

All to You I Offer

In You, Lord Jesus

Radiant Joy: Rooted in Love

Trust in You, Lord

Divine Design

Rose in Bloom

SON Rise



Power of Pain

Ever More Like Jesus

Spring: Of GOD’s Glory Sing!

Spring: Morning Dew…Speaking of You

All My Heart to Jesus

Faith: Freely Given from Our Father

Fruit of the Spirit

Bread of Life

Hold Me

Rainbow of Radiant Promise

My Song, My Song

The Narrow Path

Mind of the Heart

Wintry Winds, Wondrous Word

Sweet Valentine, Sweet Love of Mine

Priceless and Precious Love

The Cross: Divine Intersection

Worthy of Worship

Honor of Humility

Lenten Journey

Lead Me, Lord

Garden of the Heart


Glimpses of Heaven

Learning from Leaning Flowers

Living Waterfall

Victory of Surrender


Spirit of Love


Vine of Love Divine

Song of Celebration



Longing for Love

What is Love?

Power of Prayer

The Lord’s Love

Each Day


Love Divine

Citizen of Heaven

Comfort of Christ

Born Again

Watch and Pray

Son Light

Begin Where You Are

Throne of Grace

Symphony: The Life Song