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Pearls of Promise Devotional

Pearls of Promise

I am honored and grateful to be a contributor to the Pearls of Promise Devotional book! A true treasure trove, this devotional is rich with inspiration! Lisa Burkhardt Worley is a woman of God who shines with His love…and who graciously shares His pearls of promise.

Pearls of Promise Devotional with contributor Caroline Gavin of Purposeful Pathway Business Coaching www.PurposefulPathway.com

From  the publisher:

“God makes a pearl out of every trial or struggle in our lives just as pearls are formed by irritations and distress inside an oyster shell.

The stories included are honest and designed to help women through real life experiences. The Pearls of Promise Devotionals is designed to encourage women in their faith journey, and it’s structured in a way that women can go directly to the “Pearl” they are yearning for. There they will discover how another individual dealt with the same issue and how God brought them through it. One day our faith may be lacking or another day, we may have a trust issue. We might struggle with forgiving another person in our lives. For all of these concerns, The POP Devotional will be their “go to” resource, a devotional encyclopedia in many ways!

The Pearls of Promise Devotional contains 120 “pearls of promise” from God written by 46 different authors from all over the United States. The contributors include Hugs Series author LeAnn Weiss, whose first book sold over a million copies, Christian fiction writer, Lisa Buffaloe, whose book, Nadia’s Hope, was #1 on Amazon.Com sales, motivational speaker and evangelist, Krish Dhanam, who worked side-by-side with the late Zig Ziglar, and former national television sports reporter, Lisa Burkhardt Worley, who is also an editor on the project.”

To purchase the book, visit Pearls of Promise Devotional Book.

May God’s blessings abound to you on your Purposeful Pathway…
and may you treasure His Pearls of Promise!