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Journey with Jesus

Image courtesy www.freedigitalphotos.net

Journey with Jesus Poem by Caroline Gavin of Purposeful Pathway Christian Life Coaching www.PurposefulPathway.com

Image courtesy www.freedigitalphotos.net

Journey with Jesus


Jesus answered, “I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.”  ~ John 14:6


Unfolding before me,

A path narrow and straight,

Heading to a horizon,

Sunshine to celebrate,


Such is my journey,

Such are my travels with You,

Such is my pathway

Purposeful and true.


Jesus, my Guide,

Hold my hand ever tight,

Lead me on Your way,

Shine upon me with light.


My heart I feel beat

For You ever strong,

My spirit I hear sing,

“With You I belong.”


My eyes I feel aglow

With Your joy and love,

My sight is ever fixed

On Your throne above.


So upon this pathway

I walk with joy and peace,

I hold You close to me,

All else I release.


Your truth paves the way,

Your words the foundation,

Your joy the blossoms,

Your love the celebration.


You are Life and Truth,

You Yourself are the Way,

So I walk upon the rock

Of every word You say.


Every step is a joy,

Every movement divine,

For, Jesus, I am Yours,

Forever You are mine.


So I rejoice in my journey,

In my travels with You,

I delight in my pathway

Purposeful and true.


Yes, unfolding before me,

A path narrow and straight,

You are my Horizon, Jesus,

Your path I celebrate.


© COPYRIGHT 2013 Caroline Gavin

How blessed we are to journey with Jesus!

What are some of your favorite moments on this path?

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Purposeful Pathway Free eBook

I am tremendously grateful to all who follow this blog.

 My journey with Purposeful Pathway has been enriching, enlightening and rewarding; my prayer is that you experience the same in your journey.

I want to share two gifts with you. 

First, I invite you to sign up for the free e~book Purposeful Pathway: A Journey to Joy in the form on the right side of this page. This workbook is rich with inspiration, insight and Scriptural, practical steps to living more purposefully and joyfully.

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Caroline Gavin Purposeful Pathway Life Coaching

Caroline Gavin
Christian Life Coach


Learn more about Christian Life Coaching at the Christian Life Coaching page.

No task is too big or small for us to undertake. My specialty and focus is coaching heart-centered business owners. That being said, I can help you achieve fitness goals, improve a relationship, discern and pursue a life calling, heighten your joy or deepen your intimacy with God. We will apply Biblical principles in all pursuits. The objective is always God-centered transformation.

I look forward to working with you in your transformative journey.

May God’s blessings abound to you on your purposeful pathway!


Free Image Heart Made of Christmas Bauble by Kittisak

Valentine Poem by Caroline Gavin of Purposeful Pathway Christian Life Coaching www.PurposefulPathway.com

Image courtesy www.freedigitalphotos.net


“God is love. Whoever lives in love lives in God, and God in him.” 1 John 4:16b


Bursting in my heart

Is love sweet, love true,

Beating in my heart

Is a song for You.


Burning with fire,

My heart is now a flame,

With You, my Lord Jesus,

Nothing is the same.


My soul You renew,

My mind You transform,

My once shivering heart

You make clean and warm.


So accept my love for You,

You are my Valentine,

You lavish me with love

Precious and divine.


It flows to me freely

From Your heavenly throne;

You are all things to me,

My very life You own.


Sweet Valentine,

One Whom I forever love,

My eyes are fixed on You,

My Treasure is above.


Little can I offer

To You, Almighty King,

Yet allow me this song

To before You now sing.


You are my Love,

My life to You I give,

No sweeter joy do I know

Than for You to live.


Forever I shall praise

Your precious Name,

Your Spirit burns within me

An eternal flame.


Yes, bursting in my heart

Is love sweet and true,

Beating in my heart, Valentine,

Is this song for You.


© COPYRIGHT 2013 Caroline Gavin

Jesus is our Divine Valentine.

How do you celebrate your love for Him?

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Passion, Poetry, Purpose and a Pathway

Purposeful Pathway Radio

Caroline Gavin shares Poetry and the P.U.R.P.O.S.E. Process


Thank you, from my heart to yours, for traveling with me! Many have asked about my poetry and Purposeful Pathway Life Coaching. So, in response to this, I am sharing today the fourth show in a series called “Passion, Poetry, Purpose and a Pathway!”

Caroline Marie Gavin Christian Life Coach of Purposeful Pathway Christian Life Coaching

Caroline Gavin
Purposeful Pathway Christian Life Coach

I encourage you to listen to the first three shows (archived October 26th, December 12th and January 9th) to enjoy more fully the show scheduled for today, February 13th. The show today will include my poetry as well as steps five and six of the Live-on-P.U.R.P.O.S.E. Process. These steps will help you to move forward and gain momentum on your God-centered, goal-achieving purposeful pathway!

Purposeful Pathway Radio

Purposeful Pathway Radio

I welcome you to join me in the journey today via www.PurposefulPathwayRadio.com at 1:00 p.m. EST. As always, if you cannot join live, you can enjoy the archive at www.PurposefulPathwayRadio.com.

God’s precious blessings to you on your Purposeful Pathway!


Interested in working with a Christian Life Coach? Contact Caroline Gavin via caroline@purposefulpathway.com for a Free Christian Life Coaching Consultation.


Lenten Journey Give the Gift of Purposeful Pathway Your Journey with Jesus by Caroline Gavin



Lent Poem by Caroline Gavin of Purposeful Pathway Christian Life Coaching www.PurposefulPathway.com


“By the sweat of your brow you will eat your food until you return to the ground, since from it you were taken; for dust you are and to dust you will return.” Genesis 3:19


From dust I came,

To dust I will return,

Yet in my heart, Jesus,

Your fire does burn.


For without You, Lord,

Nothing would I be;

Yet in turning to You

I find eternity.


So take my hand,

Lead me on Your way,

Show me Your will

Unfolding each day.


This Lenten journey

I commit to You;

Show me how to live,

Teach me what to do.


Speak to me Your words,

Words richer than gold,

Share with me Your truths

Of the ages old.


I savor Your presence,

For You alone I live;

To You all things,

Lord Jesus, I give.


Ashes to ashes,

This I know is my fate,

Yet a new birth You give,

A new life You create.


So with You I travel,

To Your hand I cling,

Marveling upon this journey

The miracles You bring.


Wondrous are the blessings

You bestow upon me;

In Your eyes, my Jesus,

I see sweet eternity.


On this Lenten journey,

So much do I learn,

And forever in my heart

Your fire does burn.


© COPYRIGHT 2013 Caroline Gavin

Precious is the Lenten Journey we take with the Lord.

What will you sacrifice this Lent?

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Time to Live on PURPOSE!

Christian Life Coaching

Are you ready to go from stuck to truly living? Are you ready to live with passion, purpose and prosperity? Are you ready to launch into a life of joy?

It’s time to live on PURPOSE!

Have you been searching for powerful transformation at a very affordable price?

Congratulations! Your journey starts here!

I offer you the incredible opportunity to embrace transformation with the same program I use with my clients in both one-on-one and group coaching sessions. Allow the powerful 7-Step Live-on-P.U.R.P.O.S.E. Process™: to transform your life in a way that is deeply spiritual but also perfectly practical. Step by step, day by day, you will walk to the fruition of your dreams.

Over forty days you will move powerfully through the

7-Step Live on P.U.R.P.O.S.E. Process™:

  • P – Preparation by clarifying goals
  • U – Understanding HOW to reach goals through dedicated research
  • R – Refining goals into smaller steps and daily action steps
  • P – Practicing goal-supporting habits (and weeding out those which are not)
  • O – stepping back to Overview periodically and adjust as necessary
  • S – Simplifying and Systematizing for maximized results
  • E – Enlisting others and gaining Excellence

Take these monumental steps! Enjoy a 40-day transformative journey that includes:

  • Walking through the 7-Steps Live-on-P.U.R.P.O.S.E. Process
  • The Seven Steps for Living on P.U.R.P.O.S.E. companion eBook
  • 40 Days of Daily Emails with Assignments / Action Steps
  • The 7-Step Live-on-P.U.R.P.O.S.E. seminar audio
  • Assignment Worksheets for each step
  • BONUS: Free twenty-minute call with Christian Life Coach Caroline Gavin
  • BONUS: Purposeful Pathway: A Journey to Joy eBook
  • BONUS: The 40-Day Poetic Devotional eBook – Purposeful Pathway: Your Journey with Jesus

Pave a new pathway, embrace purpose and recreate yourself with only a $17 investment.

Once your PayPal payment is processed, you will receive the first email and course materials within 24 hours.

Take the next step to Transformation by joining me on this Journey!



Coaching Program: Break the Broken Record

Break the Broken Record!

How can I make this My Best Year?

Keep reading if you’re ready for change…

If you’re ready to finally live a year that you can look back on and say,

“WOW! That year was awesome!”


A Personal Message from the Break the Broken Record Crew:

This is Caroline Gavin of Purposeful Pathway and Rob Clinton of 180 Career Coaching! To complement our recent Teleseminar series on Breaking the Broken record we have scheduled a group coaching class. We discovered this was a necessary step, as people want to make their goals happen and watch their dreams come to life!

We finalized everything, and we have the tools and the process to help you succeed and get you to where you want to be.

You will be coached by two experienced professionals who empathize completely with you — as we have been stuck where you are at right now. We encourage you, as we have a way to pull you out and to start making things happen!

People may ask, “Can I really live a fulfilling life and career and still make great money?” Yes: without a shadow of doubt, you can.

We tend to live life in a vacuum, consuming the resources of life without any intention of how to use them to grow, to improve or to move forward.

By paying attention to that which we surround ourselves – such as people, books, places, events, and ideas – everything unfolds accordingly. At this point, our goals no longer seem far from reach; at this point we know how to leverage the things that will propel us forward. These things are closer within our grasps than most of us realize!

There is tremendous power in leverage, in relationships, in deciding what you want, in creating the game plan and in taking action.

Master these, and you open the doors…WIDE OPEN! You find a phenomenal playground of opportunity when you pay attention to those basic principles and actually live your dreams. In choosing to own your path, you create your path.

Now is the time to break the broken record. Now is the time to let go of living the dreams of others and to start living authentically.

Now is the time to own our paths, come alive and make things happen!

________________________________________________ __________________________________

If you would like to listen to the 3-Part Teleseminar series we hosted for FREE, visit Break the Broken Record Teleseminar Series!

How many of these things are already true for you?

  • You are tired of your job and want new direction.
  • Something unexpected has happened, such being laid off, and you want to use this time to create real purpose in your new career.
  • You are seeking more meaning and fulfillment in the work you do.
  • You are fed up with living paycheck to paycheck, and you are ready to build a life without ceilings.
  • You feel trapped by worldly expectations and know there has got to be more.
  • You are ready to live out your dreams, visions, purpose and calling.
  • You are ready to begin living passionately.
  • You are ready to take life to the next level through your personal purpose and calling.
  • You are driven for change and really want to make this next season matter.
  • You know what you want but need to figure out a way to map it out that you may live it out.
  • You have found a sudden and unwelcomed change in your life.
  • You desire a deeper spiritual truth in all roles you live out.
  • You want to live intelligently, expand your skills, knowledge, resources, and wisdom.
  • Circumstances have a created an unfamiliar area for you, and you are ready to get clear on your next steps.
  • You seek more confidence and passion in what you do.
  • You seek a more vibrant and healthier lifestyle
  • You desire deeper and meaningful relationships, a better sense of community and a stronger service attitude to live your vocation.

If you answered YES by checking any one of these situations, then keep reading! All it takes is just ONE of these to throw you off balance, and all it takes is one decision to push everything back on course and make this the best year ever!

Let us help you create real Goals and a Pathway to these Goals…leading forward to the best year of your life!


Question you might ask, “Does Goal Setting Actually Work?”

The 2 biggest things that people fear before setting goals are:

1. They fear that they will not complete their goals.

Much of the fear from setting goals comes from the emptiness of not completing them before. Sometimes goals are compared to New Years resolutions, yet these are two different things. Resolutions are a hope that something can happen, and they come with a pre-completion celebration. We tend to celebrate resolutions and feel a sense of accomplishment and affirmation before setting out to complete the resolutions.

A goal, on the other hand, is not just hope. It is a knowing, with objectives, the measurable benchmarks of success as well as a solid timeline. It is specific, it knows where it is going, and it will get there so it can celebrate upon achievement.

Resolutions gratify the moment while goals are delayed gratification and thus will actually bring you higher chances of winning.

2. They feel trapped by goals, as though it limits their freedom.

One of the biggest myths is that goals will trap us into not experiencing life to the fullest. This is a mistaken paradigm. Goals do not trap; on the contrary, they create freedom. They allow us move freely toward the tomorrow we desire. A goal is only a trap when it is someone else’s and not our own.


“Well that’s nice…but how does this put money in my pocket?”

This is where much of the planning takes place! By knowing what you want, knowing what you do well, and knowing how others hunger for what you do, we create an economic model that supports what you do well.

It doe not make sense to go after a career that will not earn you any dollars. The economic structure is developed in the planning process.

We will build the economic system that best fits you and your endeavor so you can be free to live and do what you love!

____________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________ ____________________________

Interested? Well, we want to help you!

Investing in our personal growth is an important step to success. What are you willing to do to get to where you want to be? Do you know where you want to be? Do you know how to get there? If so, what is stopping you?

You have the power to decide if you truly desire it and how far are you willing to go to achieve it! If you made a small investment in your personal growth to become a better achiever, in order to help set you on a path to increase your income this year by even $5,000, maybe $10,000, just ask yourself, “Is that worth it?”

Now really think about that question. This could be the most important decision that you ever make!

Before you go out and exchange your life for a paycheck in just another JOB or give up a lot of your time, energy, and money on your next degree, let’s first come together and create an actual Plan of Action. This Plan will be meaningful and will lead you to true fulfillment…and to freedom!

So, yes, it IS time to Break the Broken Record! It’s time to come alive and let the world recognize the blessings you share and the blessing you are!

____________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________ ____________________________

Here’s what you get?

  • Seven Weekly 60 minute sessions beginning March 5th at 7pm. (Bonus: Receive the audio files to all of these coaching calls.)
  • Two very experienced life and career coaches who have the passion and drive to help you win.
  • Private online forum for all members of our group where we can interact, discuss ideas, challenge each other, review each others work, ask questions, begin discussion, and build off of each other’s success. (I’ve heard Dan Miller say, “The rising tide lifts all boats.”)
  • A one-hour personal coaching session with us outside of the group at anytime during the program. (Bonus: Receive the audio files to all of these coaching calls.)
  • Recommended resources and suggestions for helping you move forward.
  • Free Downloadable Access to 40-Day Devotional eBook “Purposeful Pathway
  • Free Downloadable Access to eBook “Purposeful Pathway: A Journey to Joy
  • Free Downloadable Access to eBook “7 Steps to Living on P.U.R.P.O.S.E.
  • Free Downloadable Access to PDF “180 Degrees to an Exceptional Career”.
  • Free Downloadable Access to PDF “Progressive 180 Career Campaigning Report”.
  • Free Downloadable Access to PDF “Awaken the Chief In You”.
  • Free Downloadable Access to Audio Book “Thank God it’s Motivation.”
  • Free DISC Personality Profile Assessment
  • Ongoing e-mail support from the coaches for up to 3 months!

Here’s what we cover…

We will walk hand-in-hand through a three-part series of Self-Discovery, Strategic Planning and Implementation. We will discover your purpose, develop a vision, and put a simplified detailed action plan in place that we can launch. Below are brief descriptions of the three stages.

  • Stage 1: Inventory, Visioning, & Goal Setting – Here we will identify your strengths, talents, values, dreams, passions, personality tendencies; we will feed those into your life goals. Your life and career goals are discovered by understanding YOU first. Your career path is a reflection of the life that you want to live. Once we know you, your attributes, your primary place in this world and what you desire in life, we will uncover your career goals and begin to prime those specifically.
  • Stage 2: Strategic Break Down – Once we have vision, we create objectives, goals, and identifiable benchmarks. This is a simplifying process in which we make even the most impossible ideal something that is tangible. Objectives turn into specific strategies of attainments, and those strategies will turn into goals that we can target from a much more realistic perspective.
  • Stage 3: Implementation & Accountability – Once we have a plan, we will launch the plan and gather resources along the way. You can use the discussion forum and your group for accountability throughout the process as well as your individual coaching session. This is your plan and, whether individually or through the group, we are going to help you. We will make sure you get the resources that you need to help you succeed! From your strengths down to the deepest core of who you are, after identifying what success is to you, we create a simple but direct career/business implementation plan that we will launch. We will identify your vision, identified objectives, key strategies and specific attainable goals and then launch YOUR plan!

Arrow - Blue

Why this opportunity is Unique?

Icon - Right Arrow GreenYou receive ongoing training, coaching and a full mastermind to grow with even beyond our coaching sessions.

Icon - Right Arrow GreenYour group can remain together for as long as you wish in using our discussion forum.

Icon - Right Arrow GreenYou get not just one but TWO experienced and well-endorsed career and life coaches who are working together for your success.

Icon - Right Arrow GreenYou receive a FREE individual coaching session.

Icon - Right Arrow GreenYou receive a wealth of downloadable, powerful resources for your journey AND any new additional workflows and processes we develop along the way that are specific for you.

Icon - Right Arrow GreenYou receive access to many of the resources that we use for your own career and life implementation.

Icon - Right Arrow GreenYou receive a strategic plan that works AND the opportunity to build the confidence and passion to help drive that passion.

Icon - Right Arrow GreenYou receive the chance to learn how you can love what you do and make money doing it!

________________________________________________________________ ____________________

Are you ready to say that this year was absolutely the best year of your life?

Are you ready to stop repeating those years of broken promises to yourself and make some serious changes?

It’s time to come alive! It’s time to break the broken record and make history…

People have done it! We are here to help YOU come alive and positively create a difference in your own life as well as those you serve.

Arrow - Yellow

Here’s how you get started!

We only have 10 Spots in each group coaching session, so we encourage you to sign on as soon as you can! Yes, that’s right: 10 spots. We keep the group small, because of the personal interaction between everyone, the relationships that are formed and the synergy that is developed. We have discovered there is a lot of power in these things.


Your Investment…

This is an in-depth coaching process, and we would typically charge individuals $4500 for this coaching package. But we want to make this as accessible as possible. This is no walk in the park; this is an investment in a life-changing experience. Together we are going to make that happen.

This 7 weeks of coaching sessions,

3 months total of ongoing going support and lifetime access to your group mastermind can be purchased for a flat rat of:




(Three Monthly Automated Payments)

***Reserve Your Spot before Valentines Day and get a $100 Refundable Application Fee: just $100 will hold your spot, and you can choose the payment option before we start.***

Special Announcement!

***To Get Started, simply click the “Sign up Now” button below to fill out the intake form…and off we go! Once you complete and submit the form, you will receive a welcome e-mail with full instructions and next steps…

Sign Up Now - Button Orange


This is a coaching program that is shaped for you, and we have the fire and drive the help you succeed.

James Belasco in the book, “Coaching for Leadership” tells us, “A productive coaching relationship begins with two people with fires in their bellies: one who wants desperately to move forward and another who yearns to help that person make the journey.”

Let’s come together and make this year simply awesome!

Dan Miller Career Coach and Best Selling Author, Wisdom meets Passion says, “Rob is an accomplished coach, writer and speaker. He can gently help you see new ways of thinking and moving towards goals that you may now think are impossible. You will find that Rob brings a wealth of enthusiasm and insight to the coaching process as he guides you through the process of overcoming obstacles.”

Ann Musico of http://www.threedimensionalvitality.com shares, “Caroline is an insightful, expert, Master Certified Life Coach who can help you get your life on track in all areas! She is extremely knowledgeable but even more than that she has the ability to give you practical, real-life advice that you can use immediately. Her integrity is beyond reproach – I would never hesitate to use her again or to recommend her. From the moment you first contact Caroline, you sense she is committed to your success and the results bear that out.”

To see more testimonials about either Caroline or Rob just click one of the logos below:

Song of Joy

Song of Joy

The Song I Sing Poem by Caroline Gavin of Purposeful Pathway Christian Life Coaching www.PurposefulPathway.com

Image courtesy www.freedigitalphotos.net
“Violin and Score” by Luigi Diamanti


“Clap your hands, all peoples! Shout to God with loud songs of joy!” Psalm 47:1


A song of joy

In my heart does play,

 Lyrics of love

As I follow Your way.


Beautiful this song,

Precious the words,

Beating in my heart,

Singing with birds.


Trees and clouds

Join the celebration,

Together we dance

For the gift of salvation.


You are our Song,

You bring us delight,

You are our Sonshine,

Our Star in the night.


So for You, O Jesus,

We sing this song;

We rejoice in Your love,

Wide, deep and long.


Sweeter than life,

Than all we know,

Is this precious love

To us You do show.


You pour of Yourself,

You give us Your all,

You kiss with grace

All things, big and small.


Everything and everyone

Is touched by Your love:

To us it streams freely

From Your throne above.


So a song of joy

The entire earth does fill;

We sing of Your glory,

We delight in Your will.


The image of Your cross

Forever we do see,

There we see love

Ever so radiantly.


Precious is this gift,

This gift of salvation;

So to You, Lord Jesus,

We give adoration.


And a song of joy

In every heart does play,

 Endless lyrics of love

As we follow Your way.


© COPYRIGHT 2013 Caroline Gavin

Praise God for the song of joy He places in our hearts!

How do you “sing” for joy each day?

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The Heart-Centered Journey Begins!

Heart-Centered Business Academy

Heart-Centered Business Academy Group Coaching Program by Purposeful Pathway Christian Life Coaching

The Heart-Centered journey begins today!

A haven to thrive in both business and life, the Heart-Centered Business Academy launches this evening, February 7, 2013.

If you have not registered yet, take heart: there is still time!

What members of the Academy share about the experience:

Ann Musico: I was privileged to participate in the 7-week Heart Centered Business Academy and I can honestly say it has been a time of great insight, productivity and progress for me and my business. As a Biblical health coach I understand the value of accountability, support and encouragement and I received all three. Caroline’s insightful, sensitive and motivating comments and support throughout the 7 weeks was absolutely invaluable. She made everyone feel completely at ease and provided a beautifully structured, yet relaxed and respectful environment in which to explore options and new directions. I especially loved the effortless and natural combining of faith and business. It sets this coaching program head and shoulders above others because it addresses the entire person, not just one aspect. It’s the type of program that would be beneficial to do periodically in order to assess progress and make targeted, constructive course corrections. I wholeheartedly recommend this coaching to anyone who is serious about rising to a higher level in life.

Carole Simone: This Heart Centered Business Academy has been a delightful journey in self-awareness. It brought to light the many areas of my life that need improvement and how to improve them, especially in my daily walk with my Lord Jesus. The goal setting strategies that Caroline presented were clear, defined and Christ-centered. Caroline’s caring, her insights and her encouraging words made the academy a growing, an enriching experience. And the group participation was very helpful. Everyone added such wonderful knowledge. I would definitely recommend this academy to anyone who has a desire to improve and succeed in all areas of life!

Mike Fenton: I was very impressed with the Academy. The concept of asking people to share their insights and testimonials proved to be very beneficial; which in turn left me many a night reflecting on what had been said. Those reflections not only provided me with new insights and ideas of which I could incorporate into my business but my life as well.

Lisa Graham: I can’t thank you enough for offering the Heart Centered Business Academy. I loved it! The structure, length, organization, ability to share and, of course, the content were all outstanding. Walking though each step with time for reflection and a specific focus were a huge help. It allowed me time to really focus while keeping me motivated! I also really enjoyed how everyone could share their successes, challenges and other insights. It brought out great points for all of us plus gave us extra encouragement when needed. I appreciate your work and commitment to us!! You rock!

Cindy Hirch: In the time I have known Caroline she has soared to new heights. It has been incredible to watch her growth. She has an ability to connect and relate to people in a way that transcends language barriers and cultures. Caroline’s poetry is beautiful. She has an incredible gift to write and her work truly inspires the reader in what she shares. In group coaching she offers practical solutions and applications for business. Even if you are not looking to own or grow your own business, these same principles can be applied to your personal life. They are presented and woven with a deep spiritual and Godly approach. She has been blessed with many gifts that allow her to serve others well. Without reservation I would highly recommend Caroline’s services.

(For a list of testimonials about Caroline Gavin, visit http://reflecthislight.com/testimonials-for-caroline-gavin-christian-life-coach/)

Continue reading to learn more about the Academy:

Hand in hand, we will walk through the steps of

* clarifying your business goals

* creating and implementing your business plan

* strategizing to overcome obstacles on the heart-centered business path

A question I receive often about the Academy is whether or not one must have a heart-centered business to join. The answer is “no.” Although the Academy was designed with heart-centered entrepreneurs in mind, the 7-step journey we take is powerful when applied to life goals. In our last session, those who did not have heart-centered businesses enjoyed and benefited from the Academy just as much as those who did.

Why Group Coaching?

1. Affordability: Enjoy the tremendous benefits of coaching at an attractive and affordable price.

2. Community: Enjoy the camaraderie of the group; connect with others who are in the same or similar positions as you. You will discover that the Heart-Centered Business Academy is a family.

3. Networking: Benefit from networking with other business owners.

4. Accountability: Appreciate both the high level of accountability and the accompanying high results that stem from working in a group setting.

5. Benefit from Breadth of Knowledge: Marvel the treasure trove of collective wisdom and experiences.

6. Bless Others: Share your own pearls of wisdom and experiences to bless others in their journeys.

7. Comfort: Relax in a comfortable setting; group coaching provides an atmosphere that is less intensive than one-on-one coaching.

8. Increased Joy: Look forward to the growth and to the fun you will experience. Heart-Centered Business Academy will not only propel your business but also heighten the joy in your journey.

9. Benefit from a Bible-Based Structure: Embrace God’s blessings by seeking counsel and guidance from many. “Plans fail for lack of counsel, but with many advisers they succeed.” (Proverbs 15:22)

Experience growth from these group coaching calls every Thursday evening from February 7th through March 21st. In addition to the seven one-hour calls, enjoy the Heart-Centered Business Academy workbook, exercises and accountability checks. Remember, you do not need a heart-centered business to join; you need only to bring your heart and your heart-centered goals.

Join us tonight! Enjoy the journey of a lifetime with an investment of only $127.

I look forward to traveling with you!



Replays for Break the Broken Record

Heart-Centered Business Academy Purposeful Pathway Christian Life Coaching

Break the Broken Record Teleseminar Series

Rays of Hope Inspirational Christian Poem by Caroline Gavin of Purposeful Pathway Christian Life Coaching www.PurposefulPathway.com

Image courtesy www.freedigitalphotos.net
“Abstract Sunrays through the Clouds”

This is the year in which you will break the broken record of monotony and a lack of fulfillment. This is the year in which you will break new records and reach new heights by sharing your God-given gifts. This is the year in which you will start living with passion, prosperity and purpose!

Enjoy the REPLAY audio files from all three calls below.

Rob Clinton and I walk through:

  • Goal Setting
  • Breaking Down the Goals
  • Putting Everything Into Action

So embrace this journey and watch your life transform.

It is time to break the broken record!

Are you ready to transform your life?

Do you want to start a “new song” and let go of the broken-record tune?

Are you prepared to live with passion, purpose and prosperity?

If so, I invite you to join me, Purposeful Pathway Life Coach, and 180 Career Coach Rob Clinton for the Break the Broken Record Teleseminar series!

Allow this three-call series to enlighten your mind, shift your perspective, stretch your goals, clarify your steps and transform your life! Savor this life-changing series via replays for Break the Broken Record!