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Heart-Centered Biz Tip: Target Market

Heart-Centered Biz Tip Target Market

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Target Market

Purposeful Pathway is a haven for heart-centered entrepreneurs. Part of my mission as a Heart-Centered Business Coach is equipping heart-centered entrepreneurs with information that is practical, actionable and Scriptural.

Heart-centered business owners often find challenges in determining a target market. It is no wonder! It is on our hearts to serve everyone. 

As a result, questions that arise include: What is my niche? How do I find it? Is my niche big enough? Small enough? Am I too narrow in my focus? Am I blocking potential clients with my narrow focus?

You likely can serve the world (or much of it) with your wonderful, God-given gifts; that being said, you cannot market the world. For this reason, targeting a group of people is essential. Take heart: you will not block potential clients by narrowing your focus. On the contrary, you will attract your ideal clients and also position yourself as a specialist.

To be the most effective, your marketing and your message should resonate strongly with the group you wish to serve. Both should speak specifically to their pain and also point to a powerful promise. This level of heart-string resonance cannot happen if a message is too broad. But, in speaking specifically to a group, your message will reach deep into their hearts; when they hear or read your message, they will respond and nod internally, “yes, that’s me…”

Once you have narrowed your niche, you can focus on spending time with them. You can go where they “hang out,” whether online or offline. You can position yourself as an expert by providing excellent, actionable content. You can serve them and share with them your heart.

Your Niche Assignment

Journal about your niche, using the following questions as a launch pad:

  • What population do I love serving? Why?
  • How old are they?
  • What do they do for a living?
  • Are they single? Married?
  • Business owners? Salespeople? Artists?
  • Teenagers? Children? Mothers? Fathers? Elderly?  
  • How do they spend their leisure time?
  • On what do they spend their money?
  • What is important to them?
  • What is their pain point? What keeps them up at night?
  • How can I speak to this pain and also provide a solution?

Journal about the intersection of your talents, your passion and the needs of others. Who would pay for your solution, a solution that is the fruit of your talents and passion? Of these people, with whom do you most enjoy working?

As always, God will lead us to the answers we need for our heart-centered businesses. Be sure to lift this matter in prayer and to seek godly counsel. “Where there is no counsel, the people fall; but in the multitude of counselors there is safety.” (Proverbs 11:14)

Remember: our businesses are not about us. Our heart-centered businesses exist to serve God and others. When you sow your activities from a space of love and service, God will surely bless both your heart and your heart-centered business.

Defining your target market is crucial, so I encourage you to pour your heart into this assignment.

And I look forward to seeing you here again on this Purposeful Pathway.