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Purposeful Pathway Speeches and Workshops


Purposeful Pathway Speaking and Workshop Services

Speaking and Workshop Services

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As much as I enjoy expressing God’s love and light through writing, I also enjoy speaking and hosting workshops. I receive questions about the Purposeful Pathway Speeches and Workshops, so I am sharing a post now on this topic.


Speech and Workshop Topics include:

  • Living with Inspiration and Abundance
  • Holistic Healing through Scripture
  • Discovering and Following One’s Purpose and Passion

Speech and Workshop Sub-Topics include:

  • Gaining awareness of what is causing challenges in your life currently
  • The 7-Step Live-on-P.U.R.P.O.S.E. Process ™
  • Knowing on a heart-level (not simply a head-level) Identity in Christ
  • Surrendering to God’s Will in all areas
  • Full Forgiveness of Others and Self
  • Strengthening Faith by taking Inspired Action
  • Enhancing Praise, Prayer and the Practice of God’s Presence
  • Gratitude and Thanksgiving
  • Wholeheartedly Serving God and Sharing with Others
  • Loving more deeply and with unconditionality – and receiving love openly
  • Finding a Starting Point for Inspired Action on the Purposeful Pathway
  • Evaluating skills, talents, experiences and how these can enrich others
  • Researching and Reviewing results
  • Discovering and strengthening one’s unique voice
  • Learning to embrace challenges and obstacles as opportunities
  • Clarifying overarching goals to ensure they are in alignment with God’s will
  • Learning to rejoice in all things, including obstacles and resistance
  • Finding enjoyment, cultivating enthusiasm, increasing energy, heightening excitement for the unique work God has given
  • Gaining great momentum on the purposeful pathway


Speeches and Workshops can be customized for audience needs.

I welcome to you to contact me at caroline@purposefulpathway.com for additional information, with any questions or to schedule a speech or workshop.

May God’s blessings abound to you on your Purposeful Pathway!