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Rise Ruse shares Healing Hope on Purposeful Pathway

Risa Ruse shares Healing Hope 

on Purposeful Pathway Radio!

Purposeful Pathway Radio is a haven in which we share God’s message of peace, love and joy. The guests on Purposeful Pathway Radio share about their own journeys; my prayer is that you will gain not only insight but also inspiration by listening.

Purposeful Pathway Radio

Purposeful Pathway Radio

I am honored that today Risa Ruse will join the show!

I am honored that today Risa Ruse will join the radio show.
Risa, an experienced Social Worker and a victim turned victor twice of PTSD, shares the healing of negative emotions (one or two at a time in rhyme) that make it a safe place to heal. She connects to God’s divine power for healing -without reliving – past trauma. She uses this process through giving Workshops on PTSD Healing in Inspired Poetry. Her published books and 104 articles mostly in rhyme on PTSD are available at: http://RisaRuse.com. Risa Ruse shares healing hope on Purposeful Pathway Radio today.

Risa Ruse shares Healing Hope on Purposeful Pathway Radio with Christian Life Coach Caroline Gavin

Risa Ruse

Join the journey via Purposeful Pathway Radio or by calling into the live show: 347.677.0662.

If you cannot join live, you can enjoy the archive:

Purposeful Pathway Radio

May God bless you always on your Purposeful Pathway!