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Heart-Centered Business Academy

Heart-Centered Business Academy

Heart-Centered Business Academy Group Coaching Program by Purposeful Pathway Christian Life Coaching

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A haven to thrive in both business and life, the Heart-Centered Business Academy will launch October 25th.

If you are in the process of starting or have already started a heart-centered business, this group coaching program is ideal for you.

Hand in hand, we will walk through the steps of

* clarifying your business goals

* creating and implementing your business plan

* strategizing to overcome obstacles on the heart-centered business path

Why Group Coaching?

1. Affordability: Enjoy the tremendous benefits of coaching at an attractive and affordable price.

2. Community: Enjoy the camaraderie of the group; connect with others who are in the same or similar positions as you. You will discover that the Heart-Centered Business Academy is a family.

3. Networking: Benefit from networking with other business owners.

4. Accountability: Appreciate both the high level of accountability and the accompanying high results that stem from working in a group setting.

5. Benefit from Breadth of Knowledge: Marvel the treasure trove of collective wisdom and experiences.

6. Bless Others: Share your own pearls of wisdom and experiences to bless others in their journeys.

7. Comfort: Relax in a comfortable setting; group coaching provides an atmosphere that is less intensive than one-on-one coaching.

8. Increased Joy: Look forward to the growth and to the fun you will experience. Heart-Centered Business Academy will not only propel your business but also heighten the joy in your journey.

9. Benefit from a Bible-Based Structure: Embrace God’s blessings by seeking counsel and guidance from many. “Plans fail for lack of counsel, but with many advisers they succeed.” (Proverbs 15:22)

Experience growth from these group coaching calls every Thursday evening (except Thanksgiving) from October 25th through December 13th. In addition to the seven one-hour calls, enjoy the Heart-Centered Business Academy workbook, exercises and accountability checks.

Are you ready to transform your business and your life? With only a $77 investment, enjoy the journey of a lifetime. To join the 7-Week intensive Heart-Centered Business Academy journey, take the next step by clicking on the link below.