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Faithful are the Seasons

Faithful are the Seasons

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“He made the moon to mark the seasons; the sun knows its time for setting.”

Psalm 104:19

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In the soft hours of morning,

I breathe in the crisp air;

Though Summer is in full bloom,

I feel Autumn is near.


The shift of the seasons

Surely approaches now;

The months faithfully follow

As our Lord God does allow.


Yea, faithful are the seasons

To the Lord’s perfect plan;

Faithful are the seasons,

Yet how faithful is man?


As a day surely ends

At its twenty-fourth hour,

So too do I yield

To God’s timing and power?


In the dawn of morning

Rises surely the glowing sun;

So too am I faithful

To God, the Eternal One?


The days continually march

In weeks ordered of seven;

Faithfully then do I march

To pearly gates of Heaven?


As Summer loses her warmth

To make way for Fall,

So too do I die to self to make

Jesus King of all?


Heed the seasons,

For much wisdom they bear;

He who has ears,

Let him listen, let him hear.


The days and the seasons

Display God’s plan in glory;

May our lives too then

Bear witness of His-story.


Lord, we worship You,

We embrace Your perfect plan;

We are Your humble instruments,

Each woman, each man.


Accept our lives as offerings,

We offer all to You now;

Your Way we will follow,

This, Lord Jesus, we vow.


Yea, as the faithful seasons,

So too may we glorify You;

We yield to Your plan, O Lord,

You are the Reason for all we do.


© 2012 Caroline Gavin

Besides the faithful seasons, how else do you see faithfulness in God’s creation?

How are you growing ever more faithful to God and His Kingdom?

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