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Dancing to Fireworks

Cindy Hirch of Sharing Hope will share tomorrow, Friday, July 27th from 1:00-1:30 p.m. EDT on Purposeful Pathway RADIO. Get to know Cindy and her passions in her guest blog post that follows.

Dancing to Fireworks

Those who know me know my love for music and that I love to dance. As a child my mother could always find me in front of the TV dancing and singing. Wednesday was a day of total inspiration for me because of a song; it also inspired this blog post. Listening to the new country version of an old Lionel Richie classic “Dancing on the Ceiling” I was most definitely in the zone dancing, singing and having a grand ole’ time all by myself. The song made me smile and think about where I had been just a year ago. It’s talking about having a party, and for me the party was to celebrate shedding the grave clothes of doubt, fear and uncertainty that had once held me captive on a deep level.

The prior year had been preparation for my “coming out” party. There were so many wonderful people who had influenced me and had spoken life into my weary soul. It was taking shape and I didn’t even realize it at the time.

Dancing to Fireworks


It was an awakening of Cindy producing fireworks like a 4th of July show. I was coming alive from the inside out. I was dancing on the ceiling and beginning to move to a new beat, one that was uplifting and life-producing. Within a week passion began to explode. The words “don’t hold back” kept coming to me.


As I began to move with each intentional step I was dancing into my passion and loving every moment. Some of the dance steps were those of a slow dance as I stepped cautiously into new territory, but it was a dance of victory and discovery, moving inside out and upside down. Even cancer couldn’t stop my dance steps.

As I write this tears flow freely. They are not tears of sadness, but of joy because I now can dance, dance, dance…

I would like to acknowledge two very special guys who played a significant role in my journey. Thank you Rob Clinton of www.180coach.com and Joel Boggess of www.4pointscoaching.com for all you’ve invested in me. My heart is full of gratitude!

What song makes your heart alive and fuels your passion?

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