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Led by the Spirit



Led by the Spirit,

Lord, may I be –

Led by the Spirit,

Yea, for Your glory.


For the flesh

I live no more;

I live in the Spirit

For the One I adore.


Holy Spirit, move me

Wherever You desire;

Spirit, burn in me,

An unquenchable fire.


Warm my heart

With Your eternal love;

Light up my eyes

With visions of Above.


Fill my ears

With music of Your voice;

Move my lips,

That in song I rejoice.


Yea, Spirit of God,

I follow where You lead;

Spirit of love,

Your every word I heed.


With joy I live for You,

With delight I do Your will;

Each day more in love

With You I grow still.


Glorious truth

That in me You do reign;

Yea, this joy of joys

My soul cannot contain.


For the Spirit of God,

He Himself lives in me;

I am His sacred temple,

With Him forever I shall be.


Lead me to the mountains,

Lead me to the shore,

Lead me anywhere, Lord,

For it is You I adore.


Your Spirit I embrace,

Your Spirit I enthrone,

Your Spirit I worship,

Your Spirit is my own.


Yea, one with You,

As You live in me;

One with my Beloved

For all eternity.


Follow You I shall

Wherever You desire;

In my heart You burn

As an unquenchable fire.


For my own flesh,

Master, I live no more;

I live in Your Spirit

For it is You I adore.


Yea, led by Your Spirit,

Jesus, I rejoice to be –

Led by Your Spirit,

For Your eternal glory.


© 2012 Caroline Gavin

Your thoughts about Led by the Spirit I would enjoy to hear; I encourage you also this Christian Poetry link to share!

How has your life changed since being born again in God’s Spirit?

In what ways do you hear the Spirit’s voice

and feel His leading?

  • http://tomraines.wordpress.com/ Tom

    Awesome and powerful Holy Spirit I am thankful for guiding us! Thank You Caroline for writing these burning truths and pray we live more and more in His Spirit and our flesh no more! Blessings!

    • http://PurposefulPathway.com Caroline Gavin

      Amen! How I enjoy reading your comments!
      Surely the Spirit of the Lord shines in you!
      Thank you, Tom, for allowing the Spirit to lead you…
      and for sharing your beautiful Scriptural affirmations!
      May God bless your heart for Him!